Zombies, Run! Training Plans

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Hello everyone,

I'm just curious if anyone uses the included training plans, not necessarily for their intended purpose, but to stay motivated to work out?
I'm currently attempting to get through season three, which in the early 30s, episodes just seem to be filler to make it a longer season than necessary and there's a lot of funny episodes that don't seem to do much for the plot.
Do any of you as blind people use Zombie Chases? I've always wanted to do what the app was intended to be used for, go on short runs outside. Or long, whatever the case may be. Mobility skills can be hampered by running, however. Zombie chases, when enabled, don't seem to work with either constant pace or step counter.



Submitted by DPinWI on Friday, July 7, 2017

I am a ZR fan. I haven't started season six yet, as I like to wait until all episodes are available before starting a new season. I am on my third time through and almost finished season 3.

As weather permits, i walk outside, using GPS tracking. I usually turn off chases for real world walks, because I am not going to run down the road, and I think it would confuse my guide. However, i have used chases a bunch on a treadmill using step count tracking. On the rare occasion I did chases outside, I was usually able to escape. On the treadmill, I rarely evade the zombie. Not that it matters. Supplies aren't exactly scarce.

Once i get through all the episodes again, in a couple months, I plan on having a serious look at training plans. My initial pokes into it left me confused. Accessibility is pretty good overall, and I hope that once I figure out what the training plans are, i will be able to use them.


Thanks for your answer. I really don't understand why people wait for the whole season to be available for this game, especially because even when all the episodes come out, you can't be expected to binge them all as though you were watching Netflix.
When I get to season 6, (season 3 really does suck), it'll all be available. More importantly, when season 7 comes out since they release 3-4 missions at a time per week, I'll have a nice long session playing the week's missions.

Submitted by DPinWI on Saturday, July 8, 2017

I use the app daily. New episodes come out 2 at a time, and usually weekly. I would much rather go back through so that when I get caught back up to season six, I can work through them in order, at my pace, when I want. I have no desire to have to wait five days for the next two to come out.

I have no complaints about the story pacing in any of the seasons. Going back through, I can see all the cool hints and foreshadowing set up. I appreciate the little inside jokes more the second, or third time through. After a few intense episodes, I appreciate a little light humour.

Different strokes, for different folks.

And to get back on topic, have you tried the training plans?

Submitted by Orinks on Saturday, July 8, 2017

I'm trying them now, starting week one today. Since I use a bike it won't have it's intended purpose, but it'll get me playing the game on a schedule.

Submitted by DPinWI on Saturday, July 8, 2017

My guide dog keeps me on a schedule. He isn't big on breaking in our yard, and much prefers making his mark on the surrounding area. We go for long walks daily.

At this point, I am not in a training mode. Rather, I'm in maintenance. I really don't want to work much harder. But, having dabble in other areas of ZR, I know little bits of the story, and some entertainment is to be found in parts other than missions.

How are you finding the training as far as accessibility goes? Can you set up and adjust it to meet your needs?

Submitted by Orinks on Saturday, July 8, 2017

Training is pretty accessible. It's a daily thing.
As far as other areas, yes, radio mode and supply missions provide some entertainment.