Zombies, Run Full Demonstration

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Hi. I've been searching for a full demonstration of Zombies, run for iOS. David Woodbridge has done a great podcast about using Zombies Run app for iOS and another demonstration while he exercises on his treadmill. I was able to listen to his second podcast this evening but couldn't find his first podcast. Any help is appreciated.



Submitted by KE7ZUM on Monday, February 10, 2014

I would do it, but I would not know how to pipe the music in as I use the voice memos app to record everything and I don't want to drag a 10 pound board and cables in with my tredmeal. Lol! Any suggestions? Take care.

Piping these cables causes a bit of frustration lol, I won't do it either. Well I was abit confused with the app, I launched Zombies Run this evening while I was running on my treadmill then started a mission. I don't really know how this game works. Any idea how to play this game?

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