Zombies Run Continuous Play feature

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Hi all,
For those unaware, in Zombies, Run! 4.0, a feature was introduced called Continuous Play. After a mission is completed, this feature allows you to immediately jump into the next mission once the previous one has been finished. This means not having to takeout your device to click stop, back to base, and finally click the next mission indicator on the home tab.
Well, I have played at least two missions with the Continuous Play feature on--it can be switched in settings. When a mission is complete, all I get is "Mission Completed", the TTS says, followed by absolutely nothing. Furthermore, I was told by support that the missions following the mission I have just played had to be downloaded, and I've got about ten missions downloaded ahead of the current one I'm in, which is Mission 19 of Season 2.
So the question I have for everyone is, does this feature work for anyone else? I was brushed off by support recently, something that has never happened before. He said something about the fact that my request will be forwarded to their ceanior support team, something I know they don't have because Lue said to me a few weeks ago that he is *the one* in charge of handling support requests.
Thanks everyone.