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Today I was read about some iphone games called Zombie edoxus, Zebolus, The Dilemma etc etc. Are these games just in text? I'm following instructions and go on by next, next next. I don't think its happens something. You know the games Sixthsense, Fighter City? I wish that there's more of it. Zombie exodus and Zebolus are not on reality action. How does these work?!!! There is another iPhone action games by sound and/or skills/gestures I'd become happy. It sounds boring to only read instructions all time.



Submitted by Clare Page on Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hi! I've never heard of either of the games you mentioned in your post here, but, after reading your description of what appears on the screen during these games, I wonder if they are text-based games. There are quite a few text-based games for IOS, those I know of being by a developer called Choice Of Games, where there is a story and you decide how the story continues by ticking one of at least two choices at the end of the page: once you've made your choice, you hit the Next button and the story continues, with more choices on almost every page. Is that perhaps the kind of game you have installed, seeing the title and not knowing how the game works? I realise we can't all like the same kind of games, and text games are boring for some people, but it's still better to choose a game after finding out more about it: even if a game title sounds exciting, you have to be sure that it's the kind of game you want to play, so it's best to read the description of any game before you install it. Of course, I may have totally misunderstood your description of what these games are like, but, as I told you before, both titles you mentioned are totally unknown to me, so, if I didn't explain things in the way you hoped I would, I apologise for that.

Submitted by kithri on Tuesday, August 6, 2013

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Okay, I'm the one that submitted most of the games from Choice of Games and they are all indeed text-based choice games. You read the story and then make your choice and depending on what you choose is how the story progresses. They are sort of like the old gamebooks or choose-your-own-adventure books. There are several kinds of stories but no surround sounds and I copied the descriptions of each game right from the website itself. You can go to choiceofgames.com and their main games are under games. Then if you click on make your own game, you will find other games made and submitted by people. You can even try your hand at creating your own game story by using their scripting language and they will host it for you and you will get a monitary profit from the game if you choose to have it be a paid game.