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Long message. But basicly explains how to navigate these apps and deal with the hugely minor oddities about them. Hi everyone. I guess I am a very advanced voice over user so the questions people keep on asking about these apps really kind of to me is like "review the screen and just work with it it is fully accessible." But then I think Jessica some people may be new to the iphone or not sure how to deal with these few oddities that come up in apps. And sometimes when I explain things I forget something very vital. So I am going to try in this post to cover everything that to me is obvious. But may not be obvious to others and may help anyone with future apps that they may use. First I will cover general things that apply to all apps by x2line then I will cover specifics that apply only to each app itself. For all x2line apps you must scroll the screen before tapping on an item to select and activate this. Why this is I don't know. I do not think it is an accessibility issue. I have seen other apps like this too and you just learn to live with it. It really isn't all that bad. Example. you want to feed the girl a cheese sandwich. So you use a three finger swip up to go down one page because you know from past experience that the cheese sandwich is on page 2. Baby adopter you know babana is on page 2 so you do the same as mentioned above in little girl magic. Swipe up with three fingers to bring up the second page. Then double tap on banana. Same works with any screen in the app. Could it be fixed. Yes probably. Is it a huge issue? Only if you can't do the three finger swip up and down to move between pages. The same applies for the more area. And the account area. You must make sure that the text field is on the screen so it is available to be activated. The save button also much be on the screen I believe. Once you type in the name. Find the text edit box on the screen and then swipe right twice to the save button. If it isn't twice then swipe right till you hear save and double tap on save. The name will be changed and your set to go. With any app you use. Get to know the app. Most apps are fully accessible I find. Of course we all run into those that have their own little quorks that may or may not drive us crazy depending on how patient we are. For the most part I have found that the apps on applevis are portrayed properly as far as accessible inaccessible goes. For instance google books is accessible. Google plus however is not. I am really getting aggrevated with google. So much to the point I want to just delete my google account. But that is another topic. Ok. All the apps of x2line company have the same idea as far as navigation goes. Orange tree is the same. And actually it is accessible. But it is the only app that you have to turn voice over off to water and harvest oranges. A hint the watering can and basket icons are along the left edge of the screen. Oddly I think orange tree is my favorite game from x2line. And this could be classified as an inaccessibility issue because you have to turn voice over off to activate the watering can or basket options. When you tap the watering can it gives a water sound. If you can't water anymore it gives sort of a timer tick tock with an error sound. At this point turn voice over back on. Hit ok. And your back at the main game screen. I honestly don't know why this game is my favorite. turning voice over on and off and on can get very annoying. I thought of contacting the developer. But hugely it isn't a huge issue to me. But I may drop them a note anyhow asking if they can lable the watering can and basket so I don't have to turn voice over off and on again. The basket is just below the watering can. These two little pictures seem to be the only inaccessible thing while voice over is turned on. Other than that the app works like little girl magic and baby adopter apps. I really hope this helps. I would hate to see these apps go inaccessible. Which could very well happen down the road. But for now they are accessible and actually make up my game collection. They are basic. They are not games you can play constantly as there are time limits how many times you can feed / water depending on the games and care for things. But it is nice to see things grow/build up and add new items to whatever once you have the points to do so. In orange tree it says you can sell your oranges. This is probably another icon that isn't accessible on the main screen while voice over is on. If someone finds this please share. Anyway I really hope this answers all questions about these apps. They are a good collection even with their slight oddities. And I may go ahead and contact the app developer congratulationing them and suggesting they change a few to me very minor points except for orange tree. Frankly I wish they would make more apps like this. Like how about a pet app. You pick the pet you want to raise and raise it from baby to adult. Or such like. Ok all take care. Again I really hope this helps. Sorry for the length. Jessica



Submitted by Yiskalyn on Saturday, June 16, 2012

They said. Vacines that are available on the facebook app site are not available in any mobile app at this time. And accessibility will be worked on. I hope this goes to the other apps too as I couldn't find how to contact their developers directly. Jessica

Submitted by Yiskalyn on Monday, June 18, 2012

Hi. don't drag your finger. Just tap once with one of your fingers along the left edge of the screen. I am pleased to say the developer told me that they have fixed this issue that will be available in the next release which should be out in a week or two. The water can is about middle of the left edge of the screen and the basket is just below that. It just takes a bit of practice. But don't drag your finger along the left edge. Just tap once along the left edge and wait a second if you got it right you will hear a water sound or oranges rolling sound depending which you hit. Hope this helps. Jessica

Hi Jessica, in one of your posts you said you could make the baby cry? How do you do that? Also I noticed that say I go to feed the baby healthy milk or something it doesn't work always, mostly Peter likes that strawberry banana and the bluebery pouch. If it helps he's only a day old. thanks

I am not a advance VO user, started useing it since this saturday,in fact. but the question I have is,couldn't the icons or whatever those thingys are there for watering plants etc be labeled,so that VO is able to interact with those items? I personally would love to have games where one takes care of a pet,grows trees or what you will. if anyone has any recommendations,do let me know. Falcon wings

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Hi. I downloaded Orange tree and really like it. :) I don't know what it is about apps that allow you to grow or look after things, i really like them. Apartfrom Hatchy, I don't really like that app mutch. so, yeah orange tree is fully accesible as far as i can tell. The watering can and basket are now labled so that's good. Have fun growing your orange trees and playing other apps by this developer !

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