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Has anyone been able to play either Hanging with friends or words with successfully? I saw hanging with friends had been recommended so downloaded it but can't get the letters into the squares, so wondered how you'd managed that...I think it should be pretty easy to make both apps accessible in the way that Moxy is.



Submitted by Sarah on Monday, December 19, 2011

Contacted Devs about this app. Could not find origianal post and don't know how to mark that you have contacted them. They have audio captchas now so people should contact them.

Submitted by Bill Freeman on Tuesday, December 20, 2011

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HI, I have found that hanging with friends is mostly accessible with voiceover, but words with friends is not. Entering words for your friends to guess in hanging with friends is accomplished by double-tapping each of the lettters in your word, then by double-tapping the play button. The letters are added to your word, which does not seem to be visible with voiceover, so if you make a mistake, just double-tap the recall button to start over. HTH

Submitted by Sarah on Tuesday, December 27, 2011

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Hi All! This is the response I got from Zynga about Words with Friends accessibility! Thank you for contacting Zynga With Friends Customer Service, and thanks for playing! We appreciate all of our players' ideas and suggestions to make our games better. Your suggestion has been recorded in our system and flagged for the developers to discuss and review. Thanks again for the information and for playing Zynga With Friends games! Kind regards,

Submitted by Marcos Rodrigues on Saturday, February 18, 2012

A new update to words with friends had just came out but still no VO accessibility.

Submitted by blusword on Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hi, I wrote the maker of Words With Friends. It seems the help desk person I have been onversing with seems to think my game is corrupted. I have explained about words with friends game board not being usable with voice over. Does anyone with technical know how have any suggestions on how I can better communicate the words with friends game is not corrupted? The issue with the game is a programming issue. Thank you. Thanks.

Submitted by blusword on Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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Hello there Hanging with friends is very usable. I found balloon count is spoken when you keep finger on history in the game screen. Works very well with vo. As for words with friends I have written the developer and she finally got the idea about voice over and blind users of the ap. She was receptive and said she would submit information to engineers for discussion and possible improvements. I liked hanging with friends I decided to buy the paid version. I think it is worth the .99. Hours of fun await all who will try. Angie