What games should I get for my new iPad?

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Hello. I got my iPad about two weeks ago and I love gaming. I do have the crafting kingdom game, though I think my viritul pets and babies will be on my iPhone. I have Uing Of Dragon Pass. I enjoy crafting games, puzzles, card games and dice games. I do have blindfold flappy, pyramid tiles, racer (my only audio game) and Blindie match. Thanks for any responce.



Submitted by Remy on Tuesday, August 22, 2017

No idea about any similar games you're into (or why so many games for the blind have the word blind in the title, but if you're looking for something different, Time Crest and Heathcote are well worth the asking price -- which is free by the way, except for Time Crest which has stuff you can purchase " to save time, but is in no way necessary. There's also The Girl Who Sold The World, which isn't accessible just yet, but will be made so soon. I believe the first episode is going to be free. It is currently. It's unlike too many games playable by the vis community with very good voice acting and sound effects and what so far appears to be a very compelling story about a girl who wakes up in a semingly dead world in the middle of winter with no memory of exactly how she got there.