What games do I have on wich device?

iOS and iPadOS Gaming

This is a list of all the games I have on my devices and wich device, only iOs, so I can give others gaming ideas.
First, there are the blindfold games. Most are on my iPhone.
Barnyard, Breakout, Juggle, Hopper, Bowling, runner, flappy, pyramid tiles (on iPad too), Skipbo solitaire, Horserace clues, coulor crush (on iPad too).
I have two games called Adventure To Fate Quest For The Future and Battle Arena. These games are from the same developer.
I have audio moto championship wich I cannot get enough of.
I do have blind gladiator but haven’t played through that.
I do have Mud Rammer wich isn’t actually a game but rather a mud client that lets me play games.
I have space encounter and audio rally racing from the same devs who have made audio moto championship.
I have a bunch of care games. They are Plant Nanny, Mobile Aquarium, Pix, MyBabySim, Mu (requires a watch) and Hatchi.
I have a Safari icon for Qcsalon wich s Quentin C’s Playroom.
I have four dice games, wich are Dice World, Cicewords, Diced and Yatzy world. Yatzy World needs a lot of patience.
I have three games from the same developer but one is in beta. They are Word Finder, Super Tile Smash and Knight Commander.
I play a very awesome game called FruitPot.
I have an othelo game too.
I have Susi Go, Lost Cities, Land Of Livia, Nebula Blackbox and Yatzy for watch.
This is all the games I have on all three of my devices.
Edit: I have links to Grophland and Furry Paws. I also play Haypi Monsters. The one just called haypi monsters.
Edit: this is a list of games that can be rather tricky for unexperienced gamers. The adventure To Fate quest for the future, Oubliette wich I haven’t mentioned, Plant nanny (just hard to set up and download plants) and Haypi Monster.
Hope this helps someone.



Submitted by Joel Jeffries Chicago on Friday, June 29, 2018

Hi, Sabrina! I have some of them; all the Blindfold games, and DiceWorld. But I also have Huboodle, which contains 8 games; A Blind Legend, which I haven’t gotten very far in; I have Audio Game Hub, which has 6 games, and which I am not sure is available in the App Store any more; I have Crafting Kingdom; and I have TimeCrest, which is a text-based game. I have Hearts Online, and Euchre Online!