Using iPhone game: iSamurai with VoiceOver.

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Hello everyone on this forum. My name is Gary Price.

I've recently setup a family sharing account with my friend Chris England and I've downloaded a game iSamurai from his purchases.

Please can someone help me out though.
How do you get round the first part of the game after opening it?
All VoiceOver says is:
MainMenu first button, mainMenu second button, all the way up to the number 7.
But the strange thing is that the number 6 button doesn't do anything!

I've even tried to go into the tutorial part by clicking I think it was number 4, then all VoiceOver says is: Tutorial left, Tutorial right button.

Please any tips would be appreciated.

Before I sign off, I am trying to get in touch with the developer, Toy Kite Software to let them know.
But on their webpage the contact us part is an image, plus the feedback link doesn't work.
Please if anyone has an Email address this would be welcome!

Thanks very much, I look forward to any responses.



Submitted by JeffB on Wednesday, April 13, 2016

It is doable if you explore and see what the buttons do. The first button is for multy player combat, and I think the second button is for practice. I wish they were labled too but it is some what doable once you learn what the buttons do.

Submitted by Gary Price on Wednesday, April 13, 2016

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Hi Jeff.

Ar I see. Thanks. Will have to explore it then and just learn that way.