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Hello guys,
As Trivia Crack has not implemented advanced accessibility features in cards yet, I was looking for some communities or web sites where cards are explained with name and value.
I just googled some cards name, such as: Hector bonzo "trivia crack" cards, and found a reddit community, about Trivia Crack, where some of the cards names are explained with their correspondant values in coins, gems, lives, or spins.
I found it right now, so, I am not sure they are all documented with their correspondant bonus value, but it may be a good place to get in touch with other Trivia crack users - i cannot be sure Trivia crack owners write there. For trivia crack feedbacks I often use the @triviacrack twitter account.
I'll try to find out all cards and then create a guide, we may help each other with cards we own, to create the complete user guide, till Etermax releases the VoiceOver friendly cards feature. They said it publicly into Facebook trivia crack italian page so I have no reason to think they're lying publicly, it's matter of time.



Submitted by Jamie on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I've been wondering what the cards and all that mean. I'm on level 24 but don't know about the powerups or cards or coins and how they apply to the game. Thanks for this.

Submitted by Elena Brescacin on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

well, I am at level 176 right now! Of course you can play the game without even knowing what cards are, they do not affect your game play, but they are a good help to increase your power towards opponents. To be a "powerful" gamer, you need coins, extra-spins, lives, and gems.
Coins are needed to use power-ups, such as the ability to skip a question, in our case this is useful for example when the question is an image.
Spins are when you encounter a category you are not so clever in, and you want to spin the wheel again.
Lives are used to be able to play many games simultaneously, unless you have bought the unlimited lives on the in-app purchase.
And gems, these are the most precious as they are used to obtain... cards!
All these goods, can be bought on in-app purchases but it's not Worth to spend real money to buy virtual things useful just for a game, so, cards allow you to obtain these prizes for free.
Every question you answer correctly, gives you some points. In classic mode, one question is 2 points, in challenge mode, one question is one point. For a maximum of 50, when you reach 50 you get a gem and points counter starts again from 0.
Cards can be obtained on the machines, they are similar to slot machines, there are buttons called Push, where you sell your gems to obtain cards.
Main machines have cards which cost one gem, 3 gems, and 5 gems.
Then, in special periods of the years, the staff creates special distributors, now there is for example the valentine's machine and the monkey year's machine.
Special machines have a fixed cost of 5 gems, and every day you can get one card for one gem.
Cards are categorized in sectors, every Sector has 5 cards and a prize card, you must obtain all 5 cards of a category, then double-tap on prize card.
Every card has a value, but at the moment, VoiceOver does not read the value to you.
For example, Hector gives you one gem every one day, and VoiceOver tells you just, One every one day. Without telling you, one what.
You can play a maximum of 3 cards at a time, and every card gives you a bonus in coins, spin, gems or lives.
When you double-tap a card, you open it, and can add it to your dashboard. You do not get the correspondant prize immediately, when you place a card in the dashboard a counter starts, and when it reaches the end, you get a button called Collect, and you double-tap it to get the prize. At the moment, VoiceOver does not say the counter, but you can read the Collect button when it appears and press it to obtain the prize.
If interested I'll keep posting on this topic, so that we can find all a good way to play and help each other, while we wait for Trivia Crack staff to fix the issues.

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