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I tried to play the first game in the Adventure to Fate series, Quest to the Core. of course, it's before Battle Arrena, so I thought I'd give it a shot. However, I don't know how to play with VoiceOver. It doesn't seem that accessable, as the other game didn't, so have you played it? I'm talking about Quest to the Core, because I'm really stuck. I downloaded it last night but am now thinking against it/the money it cost doesn't seem to be a plus for the game in my opinion. I need to know where I need to go first, as I can't get to the throne room, any of the dungeons, and anything else but the library and shop. However, the very first time I played, I was able to fight a bit in a dungeon and note the throne room on floor two, I think it was.
Should I have not downloaded this title due to inaccessibility features? I mean, you have to remember what floor you were on and all that, and many of the slots for equipment don't say what they're fore/it's a piece of poo in my opinion. I've even e-mailed the dev team at Touchmint or whatever they're called/haven't gotten a response back yet.



Submitted by Igna Triay on Tuesday, September 15, 2020

You just need to know where to go etc. To put it like this, the floor is made up of squares, you can move, say, and this is a example, you are in square 10, to the right of square 10, there is a wall, if you use vertical navigation, and go up from square 10, you'll move to, say, square 4. Then, to the right, square 5, and 3, both of which you can move to. I haven't played that game in a long, long while, but it is accessible. Turn on vertical navigation though, it'll help a bunch in visualizing the map.

Hello, where can I find the vertical navigation settings in VoiceIver? Also, they should've done a better job at saying there's a wall to your right/left. you shouldn't have to click on it to find out you can't move there. I actually deleted the game ut still have it in hidden purchases. When I do play again, where is there any guides--good guides--on how to properly play this?

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