To those playing blindfold bowling with friends

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When you start a game, do not leave the (waiting for a player to join) screen. Stay there until someone eventually joins your game or until you get tired of waiting. The game seems to have connection, as well as notification issues when the app is left in the background. At least that's how it appears to me. Also, do not leave the game during gameplay, as it often causes the game to freeze. Sorry if I sound like a gamer dictator lol, but staying on the appropriate screens seems to be the workaround for these problems. If anyone are experiencing the same problems, please confirm or deny.



Submitted by Paige on Friday, September 16, 2016

I can leave a game for a short period of time and it won't freeze. I mean, if you leave for an huor then of course it will probably freeze, but i can exit for a good twenty minutes and it will be fine when i come back. But i am having BIG issues with starting a game. There is no start button, so ev5 if someone is there it doesn't start. Usually, it will start up after a couple of seconds, but socotimes it doesn't and you have to exit and create a new game.