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Hi all,
I just recently started exploring text adventure games and although I have gotten stuck a few times I still find them interesting. What I have noticed though is that majority of them are more horror themed and I was wondering if anyone knew of any that are not? I know of the multiple choice games, but iam not a fan of those. What I am looking for are games like The DreamHold, without the evil/horror feel.
Thanks in advance!!



Submitted by Ali Kazi on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

There are tonnes and tonnes of text adventures out there. As of now the best resource is
Here you can find text adventures of various types, and also software that will run them. There used to be an awesome website at
which was created by Carl Muckenhoupt but this has been down for awhile. Out of curiosity, what program do you use to play these games?

Submitted by Michael Feir on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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The best way to experience interactive fiction has got to be the Frotz app. It supports Voiceover and is very easy to use. I just got a Bluetooth keyboard and will quickly gain proficiency with it playing interactive fiction. Infocom did some wonderful games which you could transfer to Frotz if you own them. There's a CD callled Masterpieces of Infocom which you might still be able to find on Ebay or elsewhere. It has all of Infocom's games on it.

The If archive is where you can get modern titles. If you want something non-horror, try Jigsaw, A Bear's Night, Out, Sofar, Blue Lacuna, Toby's Nose, or the Zork games. Hope that gets you started.