Sounds in Blindfold games

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I'm just about to discover more and more games by Blindfold. Really cool stuff. I like very much the idea to try to adapt "normal" games and make them accessible. Great idea by the Blindfold makers.
The only thing I don't like are the used sounds in some games.
In Racer for example: It's really strange to follow a peace of classical music. I'd rather have the sound of a real car and a street.
In Pong it would be much cooler to hear a real Ping Pong ball instead of this very artificial sounds.
In some games they decided to use real sounds like Pinball or in Pool.
Are there any games out there like Papa Sangrae? I like 3d games and to move through a realistic sounding environment. That's cool in A Western Drama.
Thanks and all the best


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