Solara questions

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Hi. I have a few questions about Solara. First, I completed the first quest and got 2 shops open and was able to start collecting gold from them and food from one of them. Now I am at the bandit trouble quest. I only have one hero available. I gave him an outfit and put him in the first slot. My second slot is empty and my third and fourth are locked. I click the fight with 5 food button and it says I have to fill all my slots before fighting, but I only have the one hero so I can't fill the other slots. So how do I get more heros or what do I do now? Also, I wanted to restart the game, but even after deleting the app, removing it from the game center, turning my device off and back on and reinstalling the app, the game still did not restart. The game also seems to have no restart option. So what do I do to get it to restart? Thank you.