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Hi all,
I was just wondering what fantasy games are available for the iphone?
I'm looking for games that are rpg based meaning actions you take or don't do influence the outcome of the game or specific events in the game. For example, you may choose to steal a horse or not and that has consequences later on or you choose to help someone or decide not to help them, or you meet them later on in the game and help them if you didn't before, or if you walk down a street then later walk down the same street things have changed such as different people there or buildings have changed etc.
The more emmersive the game is the better.
Any help is greatly appreciated.



Submitted by falcon wings on Sunday, July 10, 2016

Ahoy there
King of DragonPass is exactly what you described.
Its as immersive as they come and as far as I know is the only rpg of its kind accessible on ios or anywhere.

Submitted by Andrew90 on Monday, July 11, 2016

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Thank you Falcon wings.
I've heard of this game but haven't got around to downloading or playing it yet. I'll have to look up a podcast demo or the manual.
If anyone else knows of more games like the ones I'm looking for, please feel free to add to the thread.

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