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Hi, all.

I am the developer of Chess42, a chess game for iMessage. (<a href="">App Store</a>)

Chess42 allows you to play chess against a friend from within an iMessage conversation, without any additional setup or signup required.

I've just shipped an update that adds VoiceOver support, and I'd love some feedback on any areas that could be improved.

Please use the following promo codes to install a copy of the game. (Note that both participants in a conversation need to have the game installed in order to play. If you send a game request to a user that doesn't have the game installed, they'll receive a link to the game's App Store page.)

Each link below will provide one promo code for a free installation of the game.

<em>(All 20 promo codes redeemed. Thanks to everyone for the feedback!)</em>

If you have feedback that you'd prefer to send privately, please send it to

Thanks for helping me improve the game, and best regards,




Submitted by Elena Brescacin on Monday, November 7, 2016

Hello, I wish to give some feedbacks publicly.
1. there is no possibility to offer a draw, or resign a game.
2. after having won (or lost) a game, there is no immediate way to start a new match. You are forced to open a new chess42 session, hoping not to encounter iMessage's bug which forces to restart the device. A "new game" button, or "clear board" should be implemented.
3. it would be nice to have a stand-alone chess app which can be played with other on line gamers, using formerly known GameCenter (there are no VoiceOver accessible chess apps which allow to play with real opponents)
4. ability to export game in PGN format
5. implement rotor actions, on single chessboard cells, which allow to read current horizontal line, vertical line, or diagonal, starting from the cell you have focus in.
You already have my contacts so we can talk about it if you wish

Submitted by Sean Terry on Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hi, I downloaded this iMessage app a while ago. But I'm unable to find it within iMessage. Can you give some instruction on how to get this? Thanks.

Hi, Sean.

You can access your iMessage apps by selecting the "messaging apps" button, to the left of the iMessage text input field. (If you only have a "show more" button to the left of the text input field, selecting that will reveal the "select media", "digital touch" and "messaging apps" buttons.)

Once you select "messaging apps", you'll have an area in the lower-third of the screen containing your active iMessage app. (I believe it defaults to the last iMessage app used.) You can then select the "app browser" button in the lower left of the screen to open a selector containing all of your active iMessage apps.

If you still don't see the app, open the App Store from within iMessage and tap the "Manage" tab. Check that the switch associated with Chess42 is turned on. (This controls whether an iMessage app is "activated" and appears in your app drawer.

Hope that helps,


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