Seeking Bilingual Testers for Blackbox Translations

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Hi everyone!

It's Ryan McLeod from Blackbox. I'm finally working with some translators to translate Blackbox into more languages. Currently we're working on Spanish (Latin American, European, and Uruguayan), Hebrew, Simplified Chinese, French, Portuguese (Brazilian and European), and many more! Of course this means all of the VoiceOver strings are being translated as well. I'm looking for bilingual VoiceOver players who might be able to help test and check that everything sounds okay before we roll it out these translations. Some of these translations may not be ready for a few months but some will be ready sooner. If you consider yourself bilingual and want to help test (or know someone who might be a good fit) please apply via the link below.

Thank you!

Bilingual Tester Application:

And if you haven't heard of Blackbox here is a link to it on the App Store:



Submitted by Will on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

hello, the application form does not seem to accessible, such as nowhere to type answers.

Submitted by Ryan McLeod on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Yikes! Thanks for the heads-up. I had thought I read that Typeform's forms were accessible. Let me do some investigating and I'll recreate it in Google Forms needed!

Edit: I've updated the link above and will include it here as well. Please let me know if it is usable and I will continue to look for a better way to test my links better ahead of time!