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Here's another game for you math junkies. It's called Quento. Basically, you are given five numbers and four operators. You have to create the target number with a specified number of numbers. For example, make 6 with three numbers. 5 + 3 - 2 = 6 It seems pretty accessible, though someone with a sighted friend might post on here just how to change levels. It has an easy, medium, and hard level. Also, you can swipe across the tope of the screen to select how many numbers to use to make a number. It's free today with App Gratis so grab it while it's hot.



Submitted by Esther on Friday, May 31, 2013

Two comments.  Quento is apparently usually a free app, but you need to do an in-app purchase to play.  However, if you download and activate it today (May 31, 2013), when you launch the app, the in-app purchase is automatically applied without payment.  Secondly, at the initial screen which says "Swipe Quento" you double tap out the letters that spell Quento in the block of characters to get past.  (May be obvious, but I was wondering whether I needed to try to do a swipe gesture through the announcement "Swipe Quento" to get past this.)