Problem with speech repeating in games by Kid Friendly Software (Blindfold Crazy Eights, etc.)

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Hello everyone. While I am not new to the AppleVis website, I am now a new official user. :) I have been planning on registering with the AppleVis website for quite a while now, but I haven't been able to get around to it until now. In fact, the issues I am having with the Kid Friendly Software games really were the motivation for me registering at this time (shows how much of an impact they had on me). I will use Blindfold Crazy Eights as the example for the problem i am having although I encounter this problem on all Blindfold games. I am having a problem with speech repeating during games. For example, as I flick left and right throughout my hand during the game, the TTS voice reads each card as it should, but it often repeats the card over and over.
"8 of Hearts. 8 of Hearts. 8 of Hearts. 8 of Hearts. 8 of Hearts..."
It doesn't stop repeating the card unless I flick to a different card in my hand.
The repeating of cards wouldn't be much of a problem, but there are other instances when this occurs that can be a little more troublesome. For example, whenever I submit a card from my hand to be played, the voice often repeats:
"Playing 8 of hearts. Playing 8 of Hearts. playing 8 of Hearts. Playing 8 of Hearts. Playing 8 of Hearts. Playing 8 of Hearts..."
Once again, it does this over and over. Because of this, i am unable to hear the computer's turn and have to rely on using the two finger tap to find out what the new discard card is. It is quite a strange issue, and i apologize if it has been reported before. I wish I could understand why this is happening, as these are really great games that I would enjoy playing. Other games such as Blindfold video Poker are almost impossible for me to play, as when I reject cards and draw new cards, unfortunately all I hear is:
"You drew. You drew. You drew. You drew. You drew."
with no indication of what my new cards are.