Problem playing two-player games with Blind Fold Crazy Eights in iOS 8.3

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I posted about this last night in the comments for the app directory entry, but it was near the bottom so I figured I'd post a separate forum topic. I updated my iPhone 6 to iOS 8.3 yesterday, and all went well, I'm loving it. However, I can't seem to play any two-player games using Blind Fold Crazy eights. When I press the appropriate button in the app, the app stays open but becomes completely unresponsive. Here are the exact steps to reproduce this, maybe someone else has noticed this too?
1. With the blind fold crazy eights app open, double-tap on the button that says, two-player game, use game center, button.
2. VoiceOver says, cancel button, and the app becomes completely unresponsive, no matter where I tap or swipe, nothing happens. A few seconds later I hear an announcement in the Samantha voice that informs me game center is starting and I can tap the play or invite button, but I can't get to either of those buttons. I've done several things to try to resolve this...
1. I removed the game from my iPhone and removed the stats from game center when prompted.

2. I rebooted my phone thinking that might clear something out, this has been known to fix the odd bug here and there.
3. I re-downloaded and installed the game and restored my purchased starter pack, but the same incident occurs every single time I try to play a two-player game. Has anyone else seen this happen? I'm hoping the app developer sees this and can respond somehow.
If anyone else had this happen and if so were you able to resolve it or are you having the same issue as me? I'd really love to play with game center, I'm actually sort of bummed about this.
Thanks for any help guys.