Problem with a couple games crashing

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I've recently upgraded to iOS 9.1 and gotten an iPhone 6 plus. Unfortunately, since that time, I've had an issue with a few games crashing either when I try to open them or when I try to play them. Blind Earth Escape crashes a few seconds after I first open the app, Codename Cygnus crashes whenever voice recognision tries to start, and there are a couple spots in Audio defense where the game crashes for no readily apparent reason I can think of, apart from the fact that I'm usually shooting at a zombie when it happens.

Additionally, Papa Sangre and The Night Jar, the other two games I have from the developer of audio defense will load, but that's all they'll do. Once they load, they freeze, making it necessary for me to go into the app switcher and force the apps to close. Otherwise, they'd just be there busily hanging and doing absolutely nothing.

I wonder if anyone else is having this issue? And if so, hopefully an update will fix said issue. I really enjoy the games in question and hope the problem I'm having will be fixed soon.



Submitted by Clare Page on Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hi! After testing most of the games above, except Blind Earth Escape which i don't have, on my iphone 6, also running IOS 9.1, I can confirm the crash reports described above. I only managed to play part of an episode of Codename Cygnus before it crashed, and Papa Sangre and The Night-Jar both hung after I'd double-tapped either the Begin button or the button to select a level. Audio Defence has randomly crashed for me every so often ever since I installed it back in the days of IOS 8, otherwise it works reasonably well, and the crashes don't seem much worse for me under IOS 9.1. Interestingly, Papa Sangre II worked fine for me when i played a couple of levels of that yesterday, so not all Somethin' Else's games are completely broken. Given that all the games I have tested and mentioned here worked under IOS 8, I assume IOS 9 has somehow caused them to break, so here's hoping these games will receive updates to make them compatible with IOS 9!

Submitted by Justin on Sunday, November 1, 2015

I second you Clare. I too, hope these games are updated soon as I haven't played the somethin else games for quite a while now, as the crashes are driving me insane!!

Submitted by Andrea Barker on Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hello all,
I have had a similar problem with the game the night jar. I looked online, I tried to contact the developer. It doesn't look like this game has been updated for a while. The developer did not respond to my contact. I am wondering if I should just get a refund, as I purchased the nightjar wanting to play it.

I have exactly the same experience as Andrea.
I'm quite annoyed.
I wrote to the developers and didn't get a response. There's no updates on their blog since December.

Submitted by TJT 2001 on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Apple penalises developers whose apps crash. If you contact Apple directly, mention the specific problems that you are experiencing. Assuming that the developers are still around, Apple will probably send them a warning that if they do not fix the crash, they may face penalties, including their apps being removed from the App Store until such time as Apple deems appropriate. This may hurry the developers fixing these crashes.

With actually being able to play the games, I think you should just wait.

Submitted by David Standen on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Papa Sangre also crashes on my iPhone 6. I haven't tried Thenightjar in quite a while but Audio Defence works fine for me, provided I clear the app switcher before playing. I understand there will be a final update for all something' else games.