Pocket MUD Pro triggers

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Hi, can someone plese help me. I recently downloaded both MudRammer and Pocket MUD pro to compare usibility between the two clients. I am some what new to mudding, and I don't know much about using certain clients. I am trying to create a auto login trigger using Pocket Mud Pro.I am playing Aardwolf, and my name is Jemina. So, I put, "What be thy name, adventurer?" in the pattern textbox. I flick to the wright and make sure that the trigger swich is enabled. I flick to the wright again and make sure that the prompt button is off. Then I set a sound using the sound button. After I select a sound I flick to the LUA code textbox. In the textbox, I type "send Jemina." I have also tried to create a password trigger as well. When I connect to the mud, nothing happens. I have to put my name and password in manually. I also want to make some sound triggers for other events, but I don't know how. Do I have the information in the wrong textboxes? What am I doing wrong?


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