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Greetings Papa Sangre devotees,

As you have been some of our biggest champions, we wanted to let you know first about our forthcoming sequel, Papa Sangre II. Itʼs been a hell of a journey getting Papa II ready for release, but we are nearly there and itʼs sounding immense. There are lots of exciting changes and new landscapes to navigate through, so fans of the first game will have a ridiculous amount of new challenges to face and those who have never played a Somethin' Else audio game before, can get lost in Papaʼs creepy new location, the Museum of Memories. And we are really excited to announce that weʼve managed to secure the Game of Thrones and Lord of The Rings star Sean Bean as the main voice that guides you through the game and back into the world of the living. If you know Sean Bean, youʼll guess Papa II isnʼt Mexican but very very British in the most disturbing way possible. Papa Sangre II = Powered By Your Fear. Love and menace, Team Papa



Submitted by Bat on Wednesday, August 7, 2013

All your games that are free should have an in app purchase for donations Because the $6.99 that I paid for Papa Sangre was worth it so if yu just asked for a few bucks, I'm sure you would get some.

Submitted by Tim Schwartz on Wednesday, August 7, 2013

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This is excellent news! I am really looking forward to whatever is in store for us with Papa 2!

Submitted by Raul on Thursday, August 8, 2013

The first Papa was great, unlike The Nightjar, which I found extremely easy and short. Maybe you should focus on making the game long and hard to play and not on bringing known voices which are really expensive. That is my opinion.

Submitted by Clare Page on Thursday, August 8, 2013

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Hi! Even though I can hardly claim to be an expert at the original Papa Sangre game, as I get killed far too often during that, I am definitely looking forward to Papa Sangre II, and to finding out what new challenges we will have to face with that. I will also be happy to pay for this new game. Many thanks to the developers for their work to produce both Papa Sangre games and The Night-Jar, and may Papa Sangre II prove just as popular as the original game!

Submitted by creed on Thursday, August 8, 2013

a big fan of the first game, i am looking forward to this release. can we get anymore detail on levels and maybe a firm release date?

Submitted by Kyle on Thursday, August 8, 2013

while i'm glad for the papa sangre team that they are releasing papa sangre 2, unless its free or something like $.99 i'm not getting it. i can't justify paying 5 bucks for a game that in my opinion isn't very difficult and never changes. this is just my opinion.

Submitted by Toonhead on Thursday, August 8, 2013

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So all that work on the game, hours and hours of recording, beta testing, and you won't even pay for it? This shows a real lack of respect for all the work that goes into these games.

Submitted by Kyle on Thursday, August 8, 2013

i don't think i explained my self quite as good as i should have in my previous post. i am not one of those people that thinks blind equals i have to get something for free. on the contrary, i would pay for this app however, there are down sides to it which i personally think overshadow its $5 price tag. simply its lack of change. once you play threw it once there is nothing new. secondly, in my opinion its not that hard. while i have not played this game first hand, i heard countless recordings and play threws of papa sangre and the night jar. easy peasy for me. like i said before, i'd play it once, find that i was right and it was really easy, and never play it again because it never changes. then i would have wasted $5 to play this game once. i completely understand all the work that has gone into making these games. from getting the famous people to voice over the game, to the coding issues we all know about. but if me the end user isn't going to be entertained by this game, i'm not going to waist my money. now if it was free or $.99 i might be able to justify myself to buy it but until then... sorry, not for me.

Aha I see what you mean there and I can see why you'd say that. Hopefully, Papa 2 will have some elements in it that let you play multiple times and pick up on new things. I will admit that while the Nightjar is an absolutely supurb game, the story line is kind of short. That's not a bad thing, it just means that it kind of keeps you from playing multiple times unless you like doing that sort of thing. I say lets wait until Papa 2 is actually on our iDevices before we pass any sort of judgement here...I mean, we never know what might be in store.

Submitted by Allen Sale on Thursday, August 8, 2013

This price point is the equivalent of a short ebook which under-minds the entire development process. For a game which for the user that may take an hour or so to play, it is over a hundred hours of time put in; and I'm guessing here. Code is written. Sound effects are either hand-picked or created. Voice-overs are recorded (which means multiple takes of the same line over and over). Of that $0.99, the developer would get a slim margin of that for each purchase. Now, let us add to the equation the following: 1. Only a certain percentage of the population are blind. 2. Normal people will look at the app price and either think, "This is a bargain." Or more likely, "The quality of this app is not worth the purchase." As a developer, you have to hook a gamer in who hasn't played before while still making sure that you bring your fans back from the previous installment; not an easy task. 3. To have mazes randomized means more coding -- longer time before app is in the market -- means more voice-overs -- means more cost; further making such a low price tag unsustainable for the longevity of the game's lifespan. 4. the game's length is short for a reason. While people are using their phones a lot, they are multi-tasking which means focusing on one app over another for a certain length of time would make the experience less enjoyable to the average user. And this is a key point, average users pick up a game, play for a few minutes, and move on; coming back as needed. One of the reasons King of Dragon pass works so well. 5. What could be done is to have actual difficulty levels which makes for a tougher AI the harder you go. Whether or not this is in the cards remains to be seen so like someone said earlier, we have to let things play out. The mere fact we are being brought into the fold before the game is out is enough reason to be hopeful for what is to come. What I'd personally like is a branching off point added to the original title as long as it made storyline sense)). However, my guess here is that this new game is a different scenario entirely which would make my suggestion pointless. At any rate, I'm eager to play in the expanded world upon the game's release since I myself am working on an app that would use the audio engine. Bring on the fear!

I've played both Papa Sangre and The Nightjar and loved both. Papa Sangre was definitely harder, but I loved the variety of soundscapes tried in The Nightjar. Yeah, the game was easier, but I didn't have a problem with this. Even if Papa 2 is released at around $5, it will likely totally be worth it. I have enough vision to play lots of mainstream games on consoles, PC's, and portable devices. There are loads of mainstream games that don't have a lot of replay value, but present the player with a certain experience or good story. These games typically cost anywhere between $10 and $60. Sighted gamers pay this amount for games all the time. If the game works, is polished, and is fun to play, Papa Sangre 2 will definitely be worth a few dollars. Good voice acting is worth investing in too. Just go back and listen to early PlayStation games, Resident Evil anyone?

Submitted by Clare Page on Thursday, August 15, 2013

In reply to by Jesse Anderson

I can understand the point raised earlier in this thread, that those who find games such as Papa Sangre easy won't get so much replay value out of these games as those of us, like me, who find them difficult, but I abgree that the cost of creating games with such rich audio and such good voice acting justifies the price. I admit that I have never yet completed the original Papa Sangre game, but I still enjoy it enough to also want to get Papa Sangre II, and I'll be happy to pay the equivalent of $5 in euros to get the new game when it's released.

Please note the title of this post...let that serve as a disclaimer :-) First, to the Papa Team, please ignore all the heretics out there who complain of the Nightjar's brevity. That game was nothing short of a work of art, in terms of writing, atmosphere, and overall craft. So, wait. Don't ignore the heretics. The Nightjar 2 should be every bit as beautiful, but definitely longer. Just ignore the heretics who say it wasn't good, ha... Now, I just want to say, personally, that it bothers me when people complain of a game being "too easy" or "not worth the money" if they haven't played it. It's one thing to say that the game doesn't appeal to you...but to flat out say that the game isn't worth the money in your can you make that judgment call if you haven't played it? Games like Papa Sangre aren't necessarily about variation and endless replayability (although I admit I go back through the games when I'm in the mood). To me, the games are about the experience - the sensation of being completely immersed in a game world, the tension of actually trying to navigate the puzzles without getting gored and eaten. You can't really get that experience from listening to reviews, so from my perspective, it's hard to really make a fair judgment of a game whose greatest beauty is in the experience of playing it, if that's an experience you haven't had. Okay, sorry. I really don't mean to offend anyone...I just wanted to give the games the defense I feel they deserve. Definitely looking forward to Papa 2. :-)

Submitted by Clare Page on Friday, August 16, 2013

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Good on ya, Joseph, for defending these games! All the reviews in the world will never replace actually playing them, that's for sure! I personally don't find either The Night-Jar or Papa Sangre very easy, especially the latter, but I still like both games, not just for the challenge, but also for the work which has been put into them, especially the outstanding audio production. So both games are well worth the money we have to pay for them. Thanks in advance to the developers for Papa Sangre II when it's ready!

Submitted by Joseph Westhouse on Friday, August 16, 2013

In reply to by Clare Page

That's kind of my point. The soundscapes (particularly in The Nightjar, in my opinion) are just phenomenal. That, combined with the great work the team has done in creating a genuinely chilling atmosphere (once again, I think the Nightjar does a better job, by using some really clever writing with the computer and Benedict to really up the creepiness factor) makes for a gameplay experience that just can't be compared to simply listening to someone else play. That said, I want to be doubly clear that I was trying to be light-hearted in my last post. I don't actually think any of you are heretics, and I definitely share your disappointment that the Nightjar wasn't longer. Even if I think these games deserve defending, I don't want to come across as unfriendly to anyone who disagrees. :-)

Submitted by Dom on Friday, November 15, 2013

Papa Sangre II is really good!! I like it a whole lot better then the first one, the only thing I'm having an issue with on my iPhone 5 is that it lags quite a bit when walking. Maybe someone can assist me as well, I can't get the clapping gesture down pat, no matter what I try. It says tap the hands on the top part right and left edges of the screen or something, I tap where I think the hands are, but it acts like it's not registering anything. Maybe I'm not doing it correctly?

Submitted by Fredrik Andersson on Saturday, November 16, 2013

Has anybody a hint to level 19? I distroyed the Three first Music bars but I can't reach the fourth Before the hogs take me.

Submitted by Victor Tsaran on Thursday, November 28, 2013

Can we assume that the games in the "more games" menu are accessible as well?

Submitted by Justin on Wednesday, January 8, 2014

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The more games option allows you to purchase papa sangre, the original and I am assuming the NightJar, but am not exactly sure on this since I don't use the more games option much.

Submitted by MissThea on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Anyone have this difficulty? I cannot play Papa II since I updated my IOS.
Since I bought the game, along with Night Jar, and couldn't finish them due to technical problems, I wonder if there's a workaround or something.
Papa II doesn't seem to have menu options the way the Blindfold games do.