Online web based safari game for iphone

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Hi all. Have a great month and hope you have great vacation.
I wanted something new to play, like a strategy or RPG game.
However as you all know, the iPhone does not have many games like that (path of Adventure rocks thought)
So I thought why not try an MMORPG or strategy web based online game, through safari on my iPhone.
I tried Alterian but it works best on the PC. I tried Unification Wars but the server is down. Now I am trying Drakor. From what I read on the app descriptions on it seems like a good game to try.
Which web based online safari game do you think works best on an iPhone? What is your experience? Any suggestions?
If the interface is not too complex and there are enough headings buttons, I think it could be a solution that could open up many more games to our disposal.
Thank you very much.