News on three audio games I've found

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Ok all, here are a few new games, two of which are very similar but different enough for the company to put both on the app store. The company is ts report. The two games are called music and games in the store and are both free. Imagine Simon set to rhythm. You have three pads, each making a distinct sound. Each time you get a sequence right, the pads change sound. Depending on the difficulty level you get two or more tries to get the sounds right but you have to be careful because you not only have to get the sequence itself right, but the rhythm too! Its not accessible with VoiceOver except for the first dialogue box that comes up asking if you want to download a free game. Just click no and turn off VoiceOver. Here is the tricky part. Numbers show up, first from 1 to 3, then when you click that you get more numbers to 15. You can't see these wit VoiceOver so you will have to tap around until you learn where they are. Sighted help would be handy here. I believe that the first set of numbers is just above the link at the bottom of the screen and sets difficulty level. The second set seems to cover much of the screen especially toward the top and sets the track that's played. It doesn't really matter where you tap as long as you stay away from that link. Anyway, once you've tapped the right spot the music starts and a voice tells you to listen. Than it plays the sequence and tells you to play. The pads are right above the link. Their sounds change often so you'll have to stay sharp. These games are free and definitely addictive and definitely something you're not going to master overnight, but it you'll persevere you'll find yourself in possession of two epic audio games. Meantime, I'll see about contacting the developer and see if they'll make it accessible. I really hope you guys try these games. Perhaps another podcast is in order but I have to get better at it myself first lol. I also found a game called tune puzzle lite which is almost accessible except that VoiceOver doesn't pick up two of the buttons properly. Its a musical jigsaw puzzle and I hope it can be made accessible. I contacted the dev, so we'll see if I get a response.