New slots game Westopia

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Howdy, I want to introduce you a new and awesome game for the iPhone and iPad called Westopia: A slots game with an original plot where you have to make grow an old west town, from the caravans of the pioneers to a big city. Spend the money won on the slots building new places like the saloon, farms, stores... and thereby acquiring new slots. Once you have got a minimum of inhabitants and places, You have to deal also with some disasters, like robbing mobs and tornados that might destroy one of your buildings unless you act quickly. This plot makes the slots exciting and much less repetitive. You'll find many different types of slots: one-liners, multi-liners, from three to six reels, and three types of jackpots, lucky wheel, dice, etc. The game is 100% VoiceOver accessible and features also optional solid colors and visual helps for low vision gamers. I'll be glad that you could add Westopia to AppleVis App Directory where it could reach more people and where I could manage any questions or suggestions as I did with FruitPot a couple of years ago. Thank you so much. Here is the link:



Submitted by Eduardo FruitPot on Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Hello, we are the developers of FruitPot, Westopia, and Smash the Gangs, and are glad to announce that we have a new game for iPhone and iPad almost ready to launch on the AppStore, and today available test with TestFligtht. The name of the game is BattleFruit and it’s based on the game Battleship, but with many additions. In this game, you are a cook that has to catch pieces of fruits from your opponent. Fruits lay on a gridded board and there are different types of kitchen utensils to catch the fruits.: like the fork, which hits only to one cell of the grid, the knife, which hits three cells on a row, and also the spoon, the tong and the blender, that work in different ways. Boards have different shapes and sizes, as do fruits. It’s a funny game with fast matches and 100% accessible with voiceOver. If you want to participate in the TestFlight we will be very grateful, we need some feedback about voiceOver accessibility, the gameplay and playability in general and, of course, any suggestions are welcome. You can reach us at
Here’s the public link to TestFlight: