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Hello all,

I stumbled upon this little interest on Netflix last night: An interactive television series, fully audio described. Basically how it works is you watch as normal, but throughout, you have the opportunity to make decisions on which direction the story will take. Sometimes it's simple like how one character responds to another. Other times it involves where to go, who to save or how to handle a situation. It bridges the line between a classic TV series and a narrative-driven video game. You will need to use an IOS device which has a Voiceover which will read "possible text" in images, as the choice buttons aren't natively accessible. I tested this out last night after first watching the first episode on my PS4. It does seem to work. I bet if enough people asked Netflix the buttons could be made accessible, especially since the game/show is already audio described. I highly recommend trying it out. it is called Minecraft, Storymode. It was created by Telltale Games, and was itself originally a video game. The company has been responsible for various interactive narratives for The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Borderlands, Batman and even Guardians of the Galaxy. The writing, voice acting and storytelling has been very well-recieved. I don't know if there are plans to release any of their other properties on Netflix, but if they do, as someone who has played most of the games I can tell you we will be in for a real treat. Check it out. If for no other reason than to support a unique way of watching something on Netflix.