Need help with getting to level 2 on Oubliette

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I'm stuck on Oubliette. When I try to find the stairway to level 2, I cannot go there. The stairs are located at 9,24, but there is a wall blocking 9,15. I turn left or right but then it takes me either back to 14 on 9 8,15.
Could you help me?
My device is an iPad Mini running the latest version of iOS, and the latest version of Oubliette is installed.
If you could make a recording or just help me in the comments I would accept either one, thanks in advance.



Submitted by bryan mcglashan on Friday, July 1, 2016


I get the concept of the game and it looks fun. the thing I don't get are the directions etc such as 9 24. also how do I get out of the dungeon as some of my players need to rest. I accidentally got one killed already

any help would be greatfully appreciated


Submitted by tunmi13 on Friday, July 1, 2016

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The Cartographer's scroll will guide you back. Select one of ycharacters and then go to use an item. Tap on the Cartographer's scroll and tap use. Now one of the buttons will be labeled path. The word path can be found on the left navigation key, the right one or the forward one.
Example: Instead of saying "Move Forward, Clear" it will say "Path Forward Clear." Keep going until it changes, then find the word path on the three navigation buttons again.
I'm also needing help with reaching level 2 like you.