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Hey guys. So i had a couple questions about choosing between the My Baby Sim series. I feel like each game has its advantages and disadvantages. Literally one game has everything the other doesn't. My Baby Sim 2 has better bottle feeding methods, better clothes descriptions, a better bathing system, cool sleeping sounds... etc. But in the first game i really prefer the diaper changing, wardrobe, and the fact that the game is longer and the baby ages slower, which i find more realistic. So I was wondering, which game do you prefer, and why?And I was also thinking of another idea. Tell me if this is a terrible idea, but i was thinking if we had enough people we could all email the developers and have them merge them into one. I know Hatchi took Hatchi 2 off the app store after they got really bad reviews. So maybe More Baby Sim would consider taking out My Baby Sim 2, but adding all the cool features into the first one.Sorry that i'm talking to much, lol. But please let me know your thoughts



Submitted by treky fan on Saturday, June 10, 2017

Page, I completely agree with you! While I like my baby sim two because of all the features you mentioned, I find it to be more demanding and stressfull. After playing both games, I find that the new version seems to be more demanding in the sense that the baby cries a lot more, even when it doesn't need to be fed, changed, given a toy, etc. In my baby sim, I find that the baby is still demanding like all babies are, but it is easier to take care of in the sence that it doesn't cry every time it drops a toy or spits out the binky. Also, I like how in the first version, you have essentially two different modes of game play, beginner and advanced. My baby sim two forces the player right in to advanced mode. You can also pick from two different game modes in my baby sim, training for a shorter game time, and game mode for a longer one. In the second version, you only have one choice. Overall, I prefer the first version over the second one, because you also don't have to buy so many credits at one time! Yes, being able to feed your baby food and juice is cool, but having to call the doctor which does the same thing as give medicen, and spend ten credits every time, not so cool. In the first version, the only thing you have to spend credits on is the nanny if you've bought everything else.

Submitted by rachel on Friday, June 16, 2017

Personally, most of my positive feedback has to be given to MyBabySim2. Agreed, abolish the baby crying sound when all you are required to do is say whether you want to save and continue - no reason why a separate notification sound couldn't be introduced for this surely? In terms of everything else you mention, I much prefer the features of BabySim2 than BabySim (original). It's more challenging and realistic, which is what I'd like from the game. The original app is far too simple for me, but when I tried to play the advanced mode I became terribly frustrated with the swiping job you use to change the diaper (I was finding it too unreliable - sometimes worked sometimes didn't). The gestures in MyBabySim2 are much easier to cope with I feel, I still get the challenge of an advanced mode in order to make it seem more realistic of caring for a real baby, and descriptions within menus for clothes and so on are much better here. In app purchases are also cheaper than the original. Credits are used very quickly by those of us who choose to involve nannies, especially at night or while during the few hours a day we might be working. I find I'm spending less on purchasing more credits in MyBabySim2 than in the original.

Submitted by Naza on Friday, July 20, 2018

Hello everyone, out of both games I actually prefer the My baby sim 2 Game because I actually think everything, even how cute the baby’s are, is better than my baby sim. I love the second version of it a lot more, and I’ve actually really gotten attached to My baby, which reminds me I better check on him soon. Also, do you guys have any suggestions of any other virtual baby caring apps? I just love babies!

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