Lost Cities crashing

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This post is for those who play Lost Cities on iPhone. I have been experiencing the app crashing ever since I updated my iPhone 6S to iOS version 10.3. It persisted after the update to iOS 10.3.1. It doesn't crash when I go in the game and sit in the main menu. It also doesn't crash when accessing the tutorial. It only crashes when I try to enter one of my existing games. It brings me right back to the home screen of my phone when I try to enter one of the games I am currently playing. It only happens with Voiceover on. I turned VO off immediately after entering an existing game as a test, and the app didn't crash. I knew this because the music remained on. When I turned Voiceover back on, though, the app immediately died again.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times. I also turned down the music volume, as I thought it could be incompatible with Voiceover. Both didn't help.

Is this happening to anyone else? Please help! I have three or four games that can't be played at this time. It doesn't seem to be happening with any of my friends who are playing with the latest iOS update and app version. Thanks.



Submitted by Maria on Sunday, November 21, 2021

is anyone else having problems with lost cities when inviting someone from game centre? If i try to invite someone i immediately get invited from them, accept the invitation, take my turn and we start all over again with the person inviting me. the turn never takes, so it's like an endless loop. have installed and uninstalled etc. have tried declining the invites and quitting the games. Sometimes quitting the games causes the app to crash. Is this just me?