Looking for volunteers for IOS game testing

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Dear Forum readers! We are a small development team, and we have decided to create IOS games aimed to blind and low vision users. We are searching for testers owning IOS device. We are not able to compensate on this. A free copy of the game that is all we can give, and of-course the good feeling you help us create something for the community. Our first game will be a reflex game and we really want to know if it is working our not. Now we have an alpha version of the game and it is not fully optimized to suit you, bet we are still coding. Probably it will be ready for testing in a week. For the deployment of a test version you may have to have some help from somebodey with vision. (sorry for that we are new in this area) If you are interested helping us to create a fun game please write a mail to confusedmillgaming@gmail.com We will chose one user with Ipad and one with Iphone. Please incude the IOS device you have and would use! Thanks and Regards Bence Zilahy (Confused Mill Gaming)



Submitted by Michelle de Oude on Sunday, April 27, 2014

i am happy to test games, I have got an ipad air and an I phone 5