Looking for help on soul trapper

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I need help on Soul Trapper when you try to use the soul trap and lock it on to a ghost. I can't seem to trap a ghost because the instructions are a little too unspecific. All it says is "I need to use the soul trap to lock it on to a ghost, then I pull the trigger to suck it in and capture it." It doesn't give any info about swiping or anything.
So I wanted to ask, what do I do?



Submitted by Bahzad on Friday, March 11, 2016

When I played Soul Trapper, exploring with and without VoiceOver aided me in finishing the game. Sadly, almost all of the chapters have unlabeled buttons, which is worsened by the seconds you’re given to tap each one. I used VoiceOver when trapping the ghosts, but you have to be relatively fast in finding the buttons. Try swiping up with two fingers, which will take you to the top of the page, then flick as soon as he says to “aim.”I know a couple of people who became frustrated with it, but it’s definitely playable. I do wish they’d make the experience a little more accessible, though. Be that as it may, I’d rank this game as one of the top ten in audio quality. Good luck with everything.

Submitted by Faerie on Friday, March 11, 2016

The unlabeled buttons are a challenge, but they are always in the same places depending on what he is doing in the game. If I recall correctly, the ghost tracking buttons are on the lower half of the screen. Also bare in mind this hasn't been updated since iOS was just called OS, so the screen sizes don't match. but it's absolutely playable. i kept voiceOver on when I first played, then turned it off the second time around. I have beaten the game about ten times now, it's that good. the story kept me hooked from beginning to end, and the audio, as previously stated, is incredible. i wish more games were produced like this one. the story...anyway, i digress, sorry. as for the ghosts, you should hear them on either side of your head. To explore the buttons, hit the very last button on the screen. This pauses the game, so you can explore where things are. you might also consider putting small pieces of tape on your screen to mark where buttons are, at least in the beginning. The pause feature apparently visually brings up a map, but the buttons are still visible so it's a great way to familiarize yourself with the needed controls.
I hope you've found this semi helpful.

But for the heartbeat, you need to time the button press so that you press the button when the first beat of the double heart beat happens, then lift your finger when the second beat happens. Originally I tapped twice, once for each beat, and that never worked. Too bad this game appears to have been utterly abandoned. This and Heathcote are the best audio gaming experiences I'v ehad, period, as a narrative-driven gamer.

Submitted by Remy on Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Unfortunately, I think this game has been all but abandoned. it's an old game, which means once updating to IOS 11, that's about it unless the developer updates it. It's also only episode 1, with Ep 2 never having been made. I almost finished the whole game myself, but got stuck on the very last puzzle where you're trying to align your chi (not really a spoiler don't worry). I know what I'm supposed to do, but the audio queues to follow are not present like they should be, so essentially I'm just moving around on a large silent grid. Sort of gave up after that. But if you need another game like this, I highly recommend checking out one called Heathcote. It's of very high quality in terms of audio, and the story is quite decent also. There's also one called the Girl who Sold the World. it's not currently accessible, but it is in the process of being made so. I've played the non-accessible version and can say it's an interesting combination of the gameplay of time Chrest, and the audio presentation of Heathcote with full voice acting and a very convincing sound scape.