looking for good quality accessible games (not text games please )

iOS and iPadOS Gaming

hey! I am new here. and I found that for we are visually impaired
we don't have too much games to play.
I have audiowizard and blind quest.
both are quite good one.
and if there any good games coming soon.
I don't like kinds of text games and simple games.
I am too tired of these



Submitted by Gar on Tuesday, June 16, 2020

I wish I had better news for you but you will be hard pressed to find a game for the blind community that isn't simplistic in some way or other. We really need to push harder but most seem happy with the likes of Dice World and such.

Submitted by Remy on Tuesday, June 16, 2020

I've talked about this game quite often, but Code7 for PC and MAC is a fantastic game. While it is technically a text game in the sense that you imput commands, it's more like listening to an audio drama because it has full music, sound effects and voice acting. It's a really cool sci-fi storyline with some compelling hacker style gameplay and puzzle solving elements. I think a few of the hacking games weren't able to be made fully accessible, but in those instances I think they have a skip option. Either way it's a great game and I highly recommend it.

Another short but still quite enjoyable game is Heathcoat. It's another audio drama style adventure in which you take the roll of a reporter exploring a run down building with a disturbing history. It's short, but it's free and still highly enjoyable.

A Blind Legend is an RPG (role playing game) for PC and Mac which has been built from the ground up to be fully playable, even in a 3d Environment. It's story driven and the developers tried very hard, even hiring a lot of voice actors and music composers. It's got tur-0based combat and a lot of exploration.

It's not out yet, but the Girl Who Sold the World is a very, very interesting game in which you act as a guide of sorts to a woman who is lost in a seemingly desolate and abandoned world (which isn't really abandoned. It's a really cool game. Unfortunately it's not complete, and I don't believe the accessibility mode of it is even out yet, but the developer is working on it. SO definitely keep it on your radar if such things interest you.

Those are the suggestions I have for you. I play primarily mainstream games because I still can, but if a decent audio game comes around I'll gladly try it out. I did play Audio Wizards, but mainly because I was the voice of the principal and really relaly wanted to hear how they implemented me. Still a decent game though.

Submitted by David Standen on Tuesday, June 16, 2020

"Feer, the game of running blind" is an endless runner game. There are 2 modes of gameplay, "Forest" and "Factory". There are 3 missions to complete within each level of the game, which makes the game challenging and interesting. Personally, it's one of my favourites and I recommend it to anyone.

Submitted by Mike on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Here are my favourite games (some are free, others are not for subsequent chapters): Land of Livia, Knight Commander, Crafting Kingdom, A Blind Legend. These are all IOS games. There are a few others but they are a bit expensive and I have not played them enough to comment.

Submitted by X2 on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Some good games on iOS that I would recommend are bitlife, galactic colonies, feer, the game of running blind, trivia crack, trivia crack kingdoms, and circus masters revenge.
for bitlife, it’s a Life Simulator game and it’s really fun. It’s like 90% accessible or so. The reason why I say 90% is because the only thing that isn’t accessible are the mini games and the option to change how we look and style our hair. But other than that, the game is accessible.
For galactic colonies, you build colonies on different planets. And each planet has a mission to complete in order to move onto the next planet. you have to complete a certain amount of planets before you can move on to the next level. And the more levels you complete, the more challenging it gets. It’s really fun and addictive.
For feer, someone already explained it , So I wont’ explain this one.
For trivia crack and trivia crack kingdoms, they’re both the same in the sense that you answer questions in a limited amount of time. And you play against other players. The difference, however, is with Kingdoms, you can choose a channel/category and you have to collect A king for each round. And I think each round has only nine questions. Where as trivia crack, you can only choose players, like random or friends. And there’s a spinner that chooses which category of question you answer.
For circus masters revenge, I haven’t really played that game to explain it but basically you’ve been kidnapped by clowns or something. And you have to defeat them all until you reach the circus master. I could be wrong, so you might want to look at the description on the App Store. I think I only played the first level or two. It seems like a pretty good game though.
And for the Mac, there’s not that many but the great toy robbery and cycle path are pretty good games in my opinion.
For the great toy robbery, it’s what the name implies. You’re a thief that breaks into Santas workshop and you have to steal as many toys as possible. And if you don’t die by an elf within the first two minutes, you enter evil Santa’s layer or something. And you have to find a key in order to get out of the workshop. But you have to be quick and strategic since Santa is stomping around and trying to kill you.
For cycle path, you are riding a motorcycle through, I think a city, is the first level. But I could be wrong. Anyway, you’re riding motorcycle and the point of the game is to avoid hitting pedestrians, traffic, objects, etc. And you collect coins on the way. And the further you get without crashing, the more things you’ll unlock. I think for that one, I unlocked the town or something like that. I haven’t played in a while, but I did get ahead a decent amount.
Hopefully these suggestions help you make a decision. Or at least help point you in the right direction.

Submitted by Khushi on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

I don't play many games.. there's just 1 I play.. RS games.
it's free for mac and windows.. and has 26 different games. from board games to card games and even multi-player village game like werewolf.
I think you'd like it.. you can chat to players in real time.. in PC voice chat works but I'm not too sure about IOS. their staff support is good.. and security is also good. you just have to create an account in case of Mac and PC and start playing. its IOS version is quite expensive, as probably they partnered with blindfold to develop it..
:) I just love it so I thought I'd mention it here...

Submitted by francis on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

I have downloaded A Blind Legend. , feer ,
they are good one.
and I am looking forward more games to come.
any up c oming audio games soon.
hopefully a better one and can b e a long play one as well.

Submitted by roman on Thursday, June 18, 2020

Hello. I really love hand combats. it is more complecs then the shooting games. I hope that they'll make those kind of games.

Submitted by Brian Giles on Thursday, June 18, 2020

First off, what do you consider "simple games?" That can be highly subjective.

I have two games folders on my home screen - 1 for accessible games, and the other for inaccessible ones that I just kind of muddle through. My accessible games folder has 22 games in it, though some are old games I've kept there hoping they'd get updated to 64-bit so they don't work. Looking through it, I'd forgotten about some of the games I have. My other folder has 4 games in it. Some of my favorites:

Texas Hold'Em: My current favorite game on my iPhone. One of only 2 games made by Apple, the first ever game on the app store. I was glad they made it accessible when they rereleased it last summer. Yeah it's just no limit hold'em poker, but if you get into it, it's anything but simple. During lock down I've watched several YouTube videos to try to get better at that game since it doesn't involve real gambling. Hmmmm... I really need to get my Bard account reset so I can see if there are any books there that would help as well. lol

Super Mario Run: This one's not accessible, but I kind of make it work. I like it when I want to just turn my brain off and mindlessly tap my screen. Although, I have gotten quite frustrated trying to get all the challenge coins in a level, which I've only managed to do in a couple of them. It required a lot of YouTube watching, googling and reading, and toggling VO to try and get it to read part of the on screen text in the game, which doesn't always work. I doubt many people would have the patience to go through everything I did unless you're a big fan like I am.

Super Tile Smash: A match 3 puzzler that I still haven't quite figured out. I did get to play it before I bought it because a friend had it. Well worth the 2 bucks though if you like puzzle games.

Blindie Match: Another match 3 puzzle game, but I think it's more traditional. It was made as a test for the Unity Accessibility plug in, which I don't really like, but it works well enough. This one is free, and is a little different than Blindfold Color Crush, which people seem to have gone away from those games of late.

Dice World is always there just because everyone plays it. I always have a few friends who want to play games, and sometimes I will play while talking on PaceTime with them. I do like the medals for achievements, so sometimes I will get really into playing it a lot just to get the next one, but mostly I just play with friends here and there.

Audio Rush: This game is more of a simple one, but I've found it highly addictive. It's just an endless game where you try to avoid the falling objects, but every time I lose, I find myself wanting to try just one more time to get the high score on the leaderboard. It's kind of what I picture Flappy Bird might have been like. goodness knows how many quarters I might have dumped into it if it were an arcade game back in the 80s. lol

Submitted by Kevin Shaw on Thursday, June 18, 2020

Check out Venture Zone Global—the entrepreneurship game where you build a business and run it in hopes to sell your company at the end. Search for Venture Zone global in the App Store or check out the app listing right here on AppleVis. Canadian users can look for the Venture Zone Game.

Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Friday, June 19, 2020

Can not understand why there are not any good games. I wish that the created of GMA would make them to iPhone if he still around. I wish I had the talent or much, much money to get someone to do American football game.

Submitted by brian on Sunday, June 21, 2020

BridgeToGo.appspot.com (BTG) is an online, no-frills, free, ads-free web app which makes playing and replaying hands simple. Only the "host" signs up (with Google), while others just enter an address into their browser; no reservations required for LIVE play with minimal distractions.

Wifi and a voice connection are required.

Much of the play is handled without the browser as BTG does not recognize bids, does no scoring, and does not even know who wins a trick, until a person takes the trick. BTG does allow players to undo a just taken play or trick.

I have no experience developing apps for accessibility, but I have reviewed some of the web comments and made some relevant improvements.

I look forward to your suggestions of how to make BTG work better for you.

BTG is an adaptation of BonesToGo.appspot.com for dominoes.

Submitted by Orlando on Monday, June 29, 2020

Sony has an app called TS remote play in the App Store. It is an official Sony app that allows you to connect to your PlayStation four through your iOS device or your Mac computer. I have been playing the last of us part two on my Mac for the last week. It also works on your iPhone and your iPad. All you need to do is pair a controller or gamepad to your device and you can access your PlayStation 4 games library. No as far as setting up your PlayStation 4, there is text to speech on the PlayStation 4 system, but you will need some sighted assistance to set up the functions for remote play on your PS4 system.
Hope this helps you out a little bit.
Have a great day
Stay safe
I almost forgot if you would like to hear the games better you can pair a Bluetooth headphones to your device and the games sound awesome!
The app is in the App Store. There are a few accessibility quirks with the app but I was able to get it connected successfully.

Submitted by Igna Triay on Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Nebula game, a game where you have to battle spaceships. Has a story mode and a endless mode, for ios. Another game for mac and pc that comes to mind is flarestar. Dark defender is another one, for mac and pc as well. The blind swordsman is another one.