Looking for games as good as King of Dragon Pass

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Hello fellow gamers.
Though I have had an iphone for over a year, I still consider myself to be somewhat of a newbie, especially to this site but still to IOS gaming as well. So far, my favorite game is King of Dragon Pass. It's detailed, it's never the same twice, it's nice and long, even when you play the short game. The music is good, and it makes me laugh as well as think.
One or two of the other adventure games I have tried are not nearly as engaging. I got through one whose description looked really good in about 20 minutes. There was only one solution, very boring.
So, I've come to you more well-seasoned gamers for some help. I don't care for the horror games, such as Blindside or Papasangre, especially if they contain extremely gory sound effects. I'm not a wooss, I just have an extremely vivid imagination. Other than that, any suggestions for other good games, including card games like 1 Foundation will be much appreciated, and the suggester will be given effusive thanks! I pass suggestions on to my two housemates, who are also blind, so the gratitude will be trippled.
Oh, one more thing, any suggestions for a good mud client, and are there ways to use sound triggers on an iphone? If so, do soundpacks exist yet? I can certainly play without sounds, but they do make things easier. However, if there's no real way to cut the spam, say in battle, then I'll just stick to mudding on my computer.
Thanks in advance for any and all help.



Submitted by Zack on Sunday, October 12, 2014


I agree 100% about KoDP. :) That being said, there are a few suggestions I can make. One is the card game Lost Cities. It's fun, especially multiplayer, if a bit hard to master at first. It's kind of like two player solitaire. Another is the Frotz app for text adventures, which you might already be familiar with. I suggest this mostly because depending on the game you can have quite a lot of fun, and there are literally hundreds.

As for mudding, MudRammer is a good client. I don't believe it does sound triggers yet, though wouldn't be surprised if I'm wrong. It's very accessible, and reads text properly, which is something some of the other iOS clients I've tried don't do.

Aside from this, though, i'm afraid KoDP really is one of a kind. There are some other games which offer some replay value—Choice of Games, for instance, but they aren't nearly as in depth or repeatable over the long term. I hope this helps a little, though.