Looking for english-speaking testers: accessible Briscola card game

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Hi, first of all sorry if this post is in the wrong section; move it if you think it's not the right place.
I am beta-testing a game for an Italian developer; this game is called iBriscola and it is a designed for all game, this means both blind and sighted people can play.
Luigi is working hard on VoiceOver testing, and here we have 4 Italian people working on Italian Language, but, as the game is playable in English too, Luigi is alone for English-speaking tests.
I'd like to know if some native English or American speaking people would be interested in testing this game to help me and the developer improving it for international target too, as if the game is tested by a non-native speaking, something may be missed and International game could be not tested in the same way of Italian version, also because for now Luigi, who is sighted, has no blind English-speaking tester and he may have difficulties with VoiceOver part.
He uses Apple's new testflight application, for distributing betas.
You may reach him by twitter
or writing to him directly at info@doclouisjones.com
Thanks for now!



Submitted by Luigi on Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Thanks talksina.

To anybody interested, the beta testing uses the TestFligth service (recently bought by Apple).
To enroll you as BetaTester I'd need your email, if possible the same email used as the Apple ID.

Submitted by Sean Terry on Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hi, I'd love to beta test this game. I love to help out. my email is
Thanks a lot.