Looking for Beta Testers for Live Poker App

iOS and iPadOS Gaming

Hi all,

We've currently working on an update to our app Bold Poker which uses an iPad in the middle of the table as well an iPhone (or Android) for each players cards.

We're looking for people that are interested in trying out VoiceOver support in our current beta version. The app only replaces the cards, so betting is still done with chips. In the beta, players can use headphones and VoiceOver to have the cards read out to them.

If you’re interested in trying out the Beta and give us some feedback, please write us at hello@boldpoker.net and we'll invite you on TestFlight.




Submitted by Tree on Tuesday, October 31, 2017

This app is amazingly cool and I am really excited to stumble across it on applevis. I'm mainly writing this comment so this post jumps to the top of the home page, so more people might see this app. I only just downloaded the app on my phone, so I have not had the chance to test playing a full game; I'm wondering if you can make the iPad speak the cards on the board. I can already say that the iphone app seems to work great with voice over; the hole cards are read etc. When I get a chance to test this app in a game I will try and post an app entry. I love poker and play it every day, which is part of why this app is exciting for me; However, I also think the idea of this app is a super great way to make all kinds of card, table top, and board games accessible. I would love to have an Apples to apples game that worked this way.