Lets help make Haypi Monster more accessible with VoiceOver

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Hey guys, I e-mailed Haypi Support a few weeks ago about making Haypi Monster more accessible, and they replied generically, simply saying that they would pass it on to the team and work on it. But nothing's been happening for the past few weeks, so I need you guys's support. The app's current stage of accessibility is about 50%. Most of the buttons are clearly labeled, however there are some things in some places that need labeling or that need fixing in order for VoiceOver to have the ability for recognition on the element. A few things that could be improved and want you guys and I to talk about in the e-mails is:
1. The bag. Everything like jellies and exp cards and chests are accessible in the bag, however its laid out in a weird way. Here are some examples below, there are all the names of the items in one big list followed by buttons that correspond with them:
Gold Chest, x1, Crystal Chest, x6, Gold Key, x2
Unlabeled button for gold chest
Unlabeled button for crystal chest
Unlabeled button for gold key Sorry that this forum topic was long, but just wanted you guys to know what I was talking about.
P.S. Other things you and I and everyone else on AppleVis should include:
1. Battle improvements
2. Shop and magic shop improvements
3. Monsters view improvements
4. Stats improvements
and tons more.
Just download the app and explore around and see what you can include that is not accessible.
The chat feature is fully accessible already.
Good luck getting replies! :)