Kongregate games and accessability?

iOS & iPadOS Gaming

I am wondering if anyone has found any of the games listed on the large Kongregate website to be accessible?

I did do a search using some of the game titles and found that many of the developers have their own websites so you don't have to use that giant site, but the individual ones I found weren't accessible as they were in Flash.

Does anyone think it is worth checking more games like the RPG or MMO ones to see if those are accessible direct off the developer websites?

Note: Basic play is all totally free so there is no cost.

I did download a mobile game on my iPod: Game of Thrones Ascent, that is partially accessible if you have patience, but I am wondering what others on here think of the company or the individual games.

I also did send them a nice letter dealing with their games and accessibility issues too.

Thanks to all.