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Those who've been hanging around will already know, but I've been trying out kittens game.
this is a complex and detailed strategy game where you take control of the village of kittens, produce resources, trade, hunt etc.

I tried the browser version but ran into issues with mouseover text, when I saw there was an Ios version I thought I'd give that a try.

The good news is, the game has proper text accessible to voiceover, and indeed the descriptions of buildings, units etc are more readable than on the browser version.
The bad news is that the links to assign workers are utterly unclickable.

its odd, Vo reads the links fine, you can flick through them, but neither double tap, nor split tap, nor manually finding the links on the page with a finger works.

Vo announces them as linnks and theoretically from everything I've gathered they should work fine, but they don't.

I have emailed the developer on the donation address on his website about the inequities in both versions, but I thought I'd ask here firstly, if anyone knows anything about Vo that I don't which might give a way click the links, or secondly, if there is a reliable contact method in the ap store to get in touch with the developer and inform him of the issue, since I gather from the version history that development of the Ios version is ongoing.

The game is priced two dollars (well two pounds for me), and if anyone wants to take a look can be found




Submitted by gregg on Saturday, March 2, 2019

flick to the desired link. Double tap with one finger and hold. If VO recognizes a link you should get a menu after the tritone with an open option.

Submitted by Sasha Stride on Wednesday, March 13, 2019

I got all the buttons and links working in the app but I have no idea how I go about doing things. Greg, you have played this game before. Can you tell me something about it?