Kings of Dragons Past

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Hello, I have just downloaded the game Kings of Dragons past. However, when I open the app it takes me to a list of options that has a stopwatch tab, an alarms, tab, and several other tabs. how do i get this to change and start the game? Thank you so much.



Submitted by Zack on Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hi, FIrst of all, the game is actually called King of Dragon Pass, not King of Dragons Past. THe "Dragon Pass," in the title is a place name, as in a mountain pass. Secondly, you definitely aren't opening the game if that's what you're seeing. The built-in Clock app would look like that, but the game certainly wouldn't. I'd double-check the title again, It's "KoDP," an abbreviation of the game's name. Yours, Zack.