King's corner is a sad, lonely place. But it's because of crashes!

iOS & iPadOS Gaming
Hello, There is one of my game center contacts whose status has this string: king's corner is a sad, lonely place. He's not wrong at all! But, there is a reason why multiplayer king's corner place is empty. The app performs continuous crashes and disconnections while the player 1 or player 2, tries to do anything or just waits for the other to join. I mean, multiplayer with game center, as if the opponent is a computer, the match goes regularly ahead. Yesterday a girl called Petra, who i suppose coming from here, tried to invite me to play to king's corner twice. But twice the app stopped working when the game was starting. Of course I was at work so I may have noticed of the notification late. It could also be that. But both times it happened that the app unexpectedly closed. It is really a pity, I tried to contact king's corner developer but had no answer I am afraid this project is no longer developed! We should try to give him a whistle to see if he answers back! I say I'm sorry to everyone trying to invite me for a match and had no answer! I enjoy playing multi player games through game center, but if there are those crash problems it is no longer good!


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