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hello all,
So I recently got Zombies run, and I cannot get it to work for me.
So I open the app. It tells me to listen with my headphones.
It gives me all the info, and the last thing it says I could do it at a walk run or jog. It's at page four of six.
if I adjust the page, nothing happens.
I go to page six, still the same thing is displayed.
My friend told me to try an swipe right after going to page six. There's nothing there.
he also told me, to try the scrub gesture. Nothing is happening.
I do not know how to get passed this one page.
Nothing else comes up. None of the settings, nothing.



Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Saturday, September 8, 2018

Try closing the app and then activate the app switcher by pressing twice quickly on the home button. Then locate the app and swipe up to close it out of the app switcher. Then relaunch the app fresh. This should allow you to move forward. If not, check back with this forum. Perhaps someone will have further solutions. The steps listed above are what I use, especially when trying a new app, but even if an already known app starts acting up.


lol No, that was one of the first things I did.
Not to worry though, someone made a recording for me, and showed me how to get passed it.
for those who want to know, though I'm sure most of you do already, since this isn't exactly a new app, you go to page six, swipe once to the left, then swipe three times, with three fingers to the left.
Then the tutorial will disappear, and you'll get the normal screen.

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