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I just got a message from Apple that they approved my Robo-E update which brings in Voice Over support. An introduction: Robo-E is in charge of cleaning up the galaxy from toxic waste. But his brain is confused and he needs your help. Robo-E brings you the classic game of Sokoban with beautiful graphics and and intuitive UI. Includes hundreds of built in levels. Robo-E is playable with VoiceOver, so for the ultimate challenge activate Voice Over from the device settings and play blindfolded, trusting only your touch and ears. One could say it got Voice Over+ treatment, as the app detects that Voice-Over is running and adds a tutorial mode using it. Also each new level has an audio introduction if Voice Over is running. As I can't add it to Apps gallery myself, I hope someone will. Here are two promo codes for the fastest NAAWT7MJYM4H LWY9EHWMEERE If you have any issues in playing the game, let me know here in the forum so that my answers benefit everyone. Best Regards, Harri PS. Game Center support has already been requested, it is coming in the next update.



Submitted by Elena Brescacin on Friday, March 1, 2013

harri: we already "met" - i sent a mail to you one hour ago or so. you told me that when i double-tap a ball and the character robo-e is next to it, the ball moves itself a square next to the him. but now, there is a problem. The ball is on the corner: a wall is above the ball, and another is to its right. the only spaces are below the ball and to the left. I move the robo-e character on the left of the ball, but then, double-tapping the ball does not lead anywhere. I got stuck, I tried also to close and re-open the game from multi-tasking but nothing happens the ball stays stuck there and even if the robot stays at the ball's left, i double-tap the ball and it does not move

Submitted by Harri on Friday, March 1, 2013

In reply to by Elena Brescacin

Indeed, if you move a ball to the corner, there is no way to get it out from there, except by undoing the move. Bottom of the screen has 4 buttons, leftmost resets the level to starting position, next one is undo. Walls are what makes Robo-E's task hard and it requires strategy to avoid getting stuck. If you push the ball next to the wall, you cannot get it off the wall, unless there is a inside corner which allows you to push is over when the wall itself turns. If you pushed the ball in a corner, you can only undo the move. Hope this helps, Harri

guys, this app is 100% accessible and i'm having lots of fun with it, still trying to figure out level 3 of the tutorial, i think i'll never complete the game, because just like the description says there are indeed "hundreds" of levels from so many authors, i can't explain how simple but challenging the game is, you have a grid with walls, your character, balls and a energy ring, and different levels can have different layouts like a 5x5 grid, 6x6, etc, and more than one ball at a time. you have to push the balls in the energy ring, moving it in the empty spaces but both you and the ball are blocked by the walls. in practice it's very easy to learn but as i said, challenging. there's no game over, no lives, nothing. just relax, try to solve each level and if you fail click the restart button and try a different move. in my opinion this app even deserves to be in the list of best apps here. thanks so much! now if you excuse me, i need to go and try to figure level 3! p.s: if it's possible, i'd love to translate this app to portuguese!

thanks for answer. I tried again but i find no way to make it go on energy ring... i did not understand if ball move just horizontally or also vertically. the characters moves one step in four directions but what about the ball?

Submitted by Harri on Friday, March 1, 2013

In reply to by matheus rheine

I'm glad you like it. Also translation help to Portuguese is happily accepted, as I'm already doing French and Finnish translations. Just get in touch via email, harri at works.

Wow there have certainly ben a few games that are playable with voice over lately. this is so wonderful. I'm about to try the game. I'm not good at puzzle games, but still. lol

Submitted by jrjolley (not verified) on Friday, March 1, 2013

Robo-E is really quite brilliant. It reminds me of a mathematics puzzle for some reason. The objective seems really easy until you quickly realise that you have to think ahead in your mind, so just moving without considering the surroundings first can cost you time and effort. I am on level 3 myself and can't seem to find a good path to get the second ball towards the energy ring. It's one of those logic games that you have to sit there, think about it laterally and attempt. Love it. Seriously good fun for what it is.

Submitted by Chelsea on Saturday, March 2, 2013

In reply to by jrjolley (not verified)

Hi Harry, The subject says it all. I bought Robo-e this morning and love it because it appeals to my logic and spatial reasoning side. I have a few suggestions, take them or not, but love the game anyway: 1. Would it be possible to assign coordinate numbers to the various cells? So the topmost left corner of each puzzle would be 0, 0, say. This feature may be a setting for those who don't like it, but me being mathematically inclined, I feel it would allow me to keep better track of where the balls and rings are in relation to each other when exploring the screen (I still have trouble going in a straight line sometimes.) I really like the level overview at the top, though. 2. Could you add a small sound effect when a ball got into an energy ring? This might speed up gameplay, as you wouldn't have to constantly go back and see if the ball you wanted to move actually moved in the desired direction. 3. In the tutorial, I think more could be said about the energy rings' behavior, such as Robo-e can walk on empty rings, but not ones with balls on them. that said, I really like how the tutorial was implemented and that you can use multiple gestures for movement. I find myself double tapping a square I've located, but then swiping with three fingers to initiate a push. Overall, great game! I will keep playing for a long time. I love the space twist, and the fact that a now classic game is accessible. Great job! Chelsea

Submitted by Harri on Saturday, March 16, 2013

The most requested improvements were additional sound effects for when moving and Game Center support, plus support for more languages. So I'm happy to say that I got those done. There is now a different sound for moving one square, going over multiple squares, pushing the ball, pushing the ball over ring, trying to push a ball that cannot move, and bumping into wall. Game Center support is also there for high-score tracking. Translations were added to Italian, Portuguese, French and Finnish, thanks to all the volunteers! Happy gaming, Harri, the developer