Introducing Audio Duel, an online audio game for mobile

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Audio Duel is a simple online audio game featuring a squares board combat system where your goal is to defend your position from enemy attacks  while at the same time trying to execute attacks on the enemy.
Listen where the sounds of your enemy attacks are coming from, point your finger at the same position to defend yourself from the attack. Choose the position where you want to attack and move on. Sharpen your sense of hearing and try to get ahead of your opponent by scoring higher and winning.
Multi-directional combat system featuring the possibility to attack and/or defend from many positions.
Play online and put your skills to the test against audio duelists on the Internet.
A beginner tutorial to get you through in the game.
An offline mode to let you practice your skills, get acquainted with the mechanics and learn what it takes to win the game.
Visuals so both blind and sighted people can play alike.
My friend and I were working on this game for some while, we targeted with this game blind people in particular and sighted people in general as well, so both blind and sighted people can play alike. We've spent time and effort developing this concept, we've had some obstacles in the way but we've finally succeeded coming out with the first version. We wanted to make the game free so everybody can enjoy the game, but development required us some funds and resources, and we knew that if the game was free, we won't be able to develop it further, and we didn't want to put ads in the game for the fact that they could be annoying for many people.
They were some features in plan we wanted to add in this version, but we didn't have enough budget for that. Some of them are:
* An accounts system so you can save your achievements.
* A points system that you can earn according to your score.
* A store to spend your points on to buy stuff that further enhances and-or distinguishes your gameplay.
* Attempts to gradually add sound modes to the mentioned store.
We attend to make the game even better and more challenging in the future, so feedback is always welcome.
This is the first version of the game. More will be coming.
As a part of the development team, I say consider yourselves all a part of the development too, so if you have any feedback or suggestions other than the ones we've mentioned, feel free to comment here.
Link on the Appstore:
Link on the Google Playstore:
I hope you enjoy the game!
Kind regards



Submitted by HEXAGON on Monday, November 1, 2021

Yesterday, a friend tried out the game but we don't figure out how the gameplay actually works. When a sound has been played and you then point your finger at the right position, you almost always get zero points and the game is over. Can someone maybe clarify how to play this game?


Hi! I've had the same problem with Audio Duel, nearly every time I've played it I've got 0 points straight away. Only once did I get 1 point, then the game was over far too quickly. Either I'm doing something wrong or the game is harder than we think. Thanks in advance to anyone who can tell us how to do better at this game.

Submitted by David Standen on Monday, November 1, 2021

Try dragging your finger to the place where you think the sound is coming from. This can be either top, middle or bottom left, top, middle or bottom right, or in the centre. If the sound is further away from you, it will be either in the top left or top right. If the sound is closer to you, it will be either in the bottom left or bottom right. I hope this makes sense. The most I could score was 5 points, but most of the time I also scored 1 point. I also tried to match up with an online player but couldn't find anyone.

Submitted by vue on Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Ok so may be you can improve the game when you lost. Maybe we can swipe to the right again to retry the stage again instead of swiping up to return to the menu was just wondering would be better. And

Submitted by Muhammad Hajjar on Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Also as you might've been noticed in the tutorial, while not mentioned but was introduced, if the sound has a low pitch then that means it's in the bottom so you have to drag your finger into there to the direction where you hear the sound is coming from, and vice versa, if you hear the sound high pitched then that means it's in the top so you have to drag and point your finger to there. If people have found that the tutorial didn't explain this point very well then I'll gladly update that accordingly. For online, the more player base we get the more likely you encounter an online pare. We'll be pushing out an update hopefully in the next weeks.