Inquisitor’s Heartbeat - The Survival Guide to Inquisition

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Hi all!

We are sure you can agree with us the Inquisition is a little tough *smile*
Then you definitely need...

The Survival guide to Inquisition: how to survive in the dungeons of Inquisitor's Heartbeat.

- On PC and Mac, Inquisitor's Heartbeat is controlled by using arrow keys; use directional swipe on touch devices, iOS and Android.

- You will always move a constant distance in the desired direction, just like on a chessboard. So if you press/swipe right you will always go east!

- Listen to the different sounds of the ground and pay attention to sound changes. If you hear you’re bumping into a wall... you are probably going the wrong way!

- Counting your steps is the key to create a mental map of the area, so that you can move safely without the risk of getting lost, or worse…

- When you have to rescue someone, you will hear a heartening music: follow the voice of the prisoner and free him up!

- You hear a menacing music? RUN! Someone is after you. And remember: if you’ll end up hearing the heartbeat of your enemy, then you’re getting in real trouble!

- If the challenge is too easy, try the endless mode: sooner or later it will become REALLY difficult.

- If the challenge is too hard, no biggie: you can try to restart the current map (returning to the menu) and closely inspect all edges.

- You can share your current score by pressing Q or swipe down with two finger in the main menu.

- The game is divided into maps, each one having a specific objective. A group of maps of the same settings make a “world”.

- The game saves automatically at the end of each map, there is always only one exit and it isn't necessary to return in the previous map.

- First world is the “Dungeon”: small rooms and narrow corridors helps you to find the exit easily but be careful not to get locked inside a cell.

- Second world is the “Castle”: rooms here are large and empty, but following the wall edge can helps you a lot.

- Third world is the “Upper Floors”: find the notary, avoid the sleeping guards and try to follow the carpet.

- Fourth world is the “Blaze”: in a fire, you better stay as far away as possible from the flames. The time is not much, but luckily you've already been here.

- Fifth world is the “Cave”: the strong echo may be confusing, but if you pay attention to the numerous sound sources it won’t be so difficult to find the exit.

- Sixth world is the “Forest”: nature can hide more pitfalls than you can imagine, you will not be alone, unfortunately.

- Eighth world is the “Monastery”: you are close to your goal, but you have to take advantage of everything learned during the game. Take heed to the columns.

- What about the seventh? Missing? Maybe in a future update ;-)

Last but not least: have fun and support us!
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