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Hi all,
we have just published a new iOS bundle where are collected together for the first time all the published games from the Inquisitor Saga:
• "The Plague",
• "The Village",
• "Sisters in the dream", in addition to
• the spin-off "Inquisitor’s heartbeat" in which you put yourself in the Inquisition prisoner’ shoes in search of a way out of their labyrinthine dungeons to save himself and an important theological book considered heretical by the burning flames.
The price is 10,99€/$11.99, a very good deal for 4 games! Here is the link to buy:
Here is a short introduction of Nicolas Eymerich, Inquisitor - in case you've never heard about him :-)
A will of steel, a stoned heart, sharp intelligence like a knife and a deep wisdom like the oblivion.
Incarnate a ruthless character to live an original story inspired by the famous novel by Valerio Evangelisti.
The inquisitor Nicolas Eymerich from Gerona is called to investigate about dark events that go far beyond heresy and reveal a new face of the Malignant. In charge by the machiavellian Father Vinet, Prior of Carcassonne, Eymerich will have to investigate the strange incidents of Calcarès, a lost village under the guidance of the cistercians monks. However Eymerich perceives the ambiguity and the two-face speeches by Vinet and so he will must explore every dark nook of Carcassonne in search of evidences to put the Prior against the wall. In Calcarès, infested with the most fearsome demonic entities the world has ever known, the inquisitor will have to reveal the diabolic secrets that the inhabitants and the mysterious monks of the abbey hide and, with the help of trusty Brother Corona, to purify the village infested by the Devil and to open the way toward the cistercians abbey. Only acting with slyness and without scruples , in the end you will be able to unravel all the mysteries and to reach the truth.
Thank you for your attention, and as always...

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Submitted by Will on Friday, June 16, 2017

hi great news on the bundle. is chapter 4 due this year for release?Will

Submitted by Kerry Fielding on Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Hi all. Bought these games during lockdown for something to do and either i'm extremely stupid or not very good at figuring out these things. I just seem to keep going round in circles. I'm also starting to find them a little boring due to my lack of progress I suspect. Has anyone actually got through the whole of these games?

Just tap with 5 fingers to get help whenever you're stuck. I'm struggling with the last one Because sometimes, they don't give you a clue on where to go and I find it hard memorising the whole map.