iAssociate2 drives me crazy!

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Hi, I just tried playing iassociate2! I enjoy the game but... as i am not a english mother language player, it's quite difficult some time to find correct words! One example in the very easy starting level I fell on a cartoon character, i had the correct word both in italian and in english the name was Pluto! But i was insisting writing Goofy! But goofy was another character in our language is called Pippo and i did not understand that the game wanted Pluto for me, so i had to search on wikia all disney fictional dog names in english language! I will try to contact developers and then try to form a team to translate the game play. The luck of this game is that it is not time-based, so i have all the time i want, to think of the correct matches! For now i do not use hints, i have used google as hint generator But as far as i can say now, playing word games is a very funny way to learn the language. It is not a matter of understanding words but also to reason and find the right word that fits in that particular situation I am talksina on game center if some one is interested in challenges and suggesting games, it's very often that i click on game center's contacts to explore if they have new games i do not have