I need to talk to an IOS audio game developper. How can I do this?

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Hi All, My name is Nicholas Acosta and I am an app developer. I am trying to creat an audio game for Iphone, Ipod toutch, and Ipad. I have a mac and I am running the lattest OS but I have been doing this app for a long time. Now, I am having a problem that I can not put the audio in my app. If any developer can help me, I would really appresheate it. Thanks.



Submitted by BrianSchmidt on Friday, June 21, 2013

Hi Nicholas, I'm afraid your question is quite broad, and difficult to answer in a forum. I would recommend that you read some of these guides from the apple developer forum: https://developer.apple.com/search/index.php?q=audio&platform=iOS&type=Guide The real answer to your question depends on a lot of things. Do you need "3D" type sound? if so, you may want to look at OpenAL, which is part of the iOS SDK. Do you just need to play back mp3's? if so, then you will want to read up on AVAudioSession. And of course, there are third party companies such as FMod, AudioKinetic that license very sophisticated (and very easy to use) audio libraries for iOS. The folks who make PapaSangre also apparently license out their audio engine as well. There is also a very good developer site, stackoverflow.com that is a very good place to get answers to technical questions when you're doing an iOS App. Brian http://www.EarGames.com