I found a dev who will consider making us a Sims style game

Good day to you all,
I hope that everyone is doing well despite current events. I'm writing to inform you that I found a developer who will consider making us a building game, similar to the sims, or Virtual Families. Building, creation, all of that. The company is called Moon Bear Games, and they want input. I will be providing the link to this thread, so they will be able to see the comments. Please be polite and respectful, as I know that this type of game is something that many people have been asking for for a while now. This will be a very complex and time consuming process, and this particular dev is new to VoiceOver. On that note, let us begin.


How can I contact them?

I'm so thrilled to say the least. Is there any way I can get in touch with them? I want to do as much as possible and am willing to do sound/voiceover (human voice, not the screenreader), work for them as well as beta testing when the time comes.

Expert Sim player offering help

This has seriously been a dream of mine for years!
As a child/teenager I actually had somewhat decent eyesight and The Sims was my favorite game of all time, I could play for hours.
I lost what vision I had when I was 17 and over the last 10 years not being able to play a game like The Sims has been a huge loss for me.
Since I know the game from a visual perspective and I know VoiceOver I would like to offer my assistance in any way I can.
If the developers want to they can feel free to email me at

Re: Contacting Moonbear

Thanks for the info. I'll definitely get in on that. I really hope the blind community embraces this game, as it's certainly the most unique concept I've seen in a while.

OMG I remember watching you play and being super envious!

Lol fun time! :) I'd love a game like this! :) I never got to play Sims as a teenbe I'm totally blind, so it basically would've been impossible. If this comes to fruition, I'm going to be totally psyched! :) This is gonna be great!

I'm not sure exactly how Sims worked, other than that it was a family that was being simulated, if I remember correctly. I'm wondering if the Unity Tool that the devs of Crafting Kingdom cooked up would work well here. Or maybe a tabbed interface that's totally VO-accessible, no self-voicing required. What do people think?


Finding a dev.

How do you just, find a dev? I have some game ideas i would love to see get made and this game also sounds good.

This dev.

I came across them on the App Store when I came across an app called Pocket build.

Visual Impairment and the ECC?

I just sent those people from Moonbear a pretty detailed message. What do you all think about this? Would you like to play a game which features parts of the expanded core curriculum? I'm asking as a future TVI and wanting to know your comments. I told the dev team that I wanted something like A Blind Legend but more realistic. That is, I'd like something that takes into account parts of the ECC such as Orientation and Mobility and people's activities in that subject on a daily basis. I'm tired of games with violence--Circusmaster, for example--, so I sent that along as wel. There is no magic in the real world, and these games featuring it teach children the wrong idea, I think. They need to know about real-world things, so what do you think? How about playing a character similar to, if not the exact same as Abraham Nemeth or Louis Braille? I think that'd be cool, don't you? It would get us interested in their stories/how they lived and all, I think/children might be interested in this, right?

I'm not getting excited until

I'm not getting excited until I see a finished product.

Why? because I've seen this sort of thing happen before.

Remember how hyped up people were for Circus Master's Revenge, and when that game was finally released, it wasn't up to any expectations.

Don't get excited for something until it's in your hands, that way, you won't be disapointed later.

That goes for everything.

All these announcements companies make are to get people excited, then when the product is finally launched, it either doesn't deliver or our expectations by then are set so high that when said product is finally available, we're left disappointed because by then, said product isn't how we emagined it to be.

I’d definitely be up for something like this

I’d love to play a game like this and despite some people being very negative, I think we ought to support developers like this instead of being eternally pessimistic. After all, if Ben Franklin had done this, he might never have failed 9999 times and finally created the lightbulb on his 10000th try. Is Animal crossing under this type of game? If so, then I’d definitely be up for it. My 16-year old loves that and I have to admit, if I had any sight I’d probably be playing it as well. :-)

I think so.

I don’t know much about Animal Crossing other than it’s a virtual town full of animals. Lol.